British Heritage
Street Performers of the Fringe

The streets of Old Town are packed with jugglers, living statues, clowns, bands and more during festival season. For some, this is advertising for their show. For others, this is their show. Here are just a few of our favorites.

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Ironmasters of Wales

“At Blaenavon Ironworks, the world’s most advanced ironworks when it opened in 1789, hulking remains of furnaces, chimneys and cast house confront you with the gigantic scale of operations, all glowered over by the monstrous-magnificent balance tower.”

Abbotsford Revisited

“Scott himself described Abbotsford as “Conundrum Castle” and it has rather unfairly been described as his “finest historical novel.”

Mists Over Glastonbury

Have more spiritual claims and legends attached to Glastonbury than any other place in England?

Lizzie Bennet Tours the Peaks

Jane Austen knew the Peak District. Pemberley might be fictitious, but you can still follow in Lizzie’s footsteps.

Expedition to Lindisfarne and the Farne Islands

We’re told that England’s first monks formed monastic communities for quiet, but they were surely also attracted by the beautiful landscape on Lindisfarne.

Haltwhistle: Still the Center of Britain

In the heart of Roman Wall Country, the Northumbrian market town bristles with pride

Home Port: Where English Maritime History Berths Up for Fun

Home of the Royal Navy, seat of the Empire’s maritime power, and beautiful Hampshire cathedral city--Portsmouth has got it all.

Marches Market Town: Where Food Is King

Morsels of Spanish tapas tempt among many ethnic and national cuisines in Ludlow.

Chepstow and the Little Church in the Vale

St. James’ church stands roofless in splendid isolation, eerie traces of the abandoned medieval hamlet that it once served discernible only as bumps in the riverside fields.

The Weird Suffolk Coast

Things are a bit weird on the Suffolk coast.

Somerset’s Thankful Villages

A place where all who served in the Great war returned home safely. Somerset county has nine thankful villages, more than any other county.

Join Pilgrims on the Mayflower Trail

They left everything behind for faith and liberty. Learn the little-known early history of these courageous explorers.

Whisky Galore!

There is no surer way of absorbing yourself in Scottish culture than having a dram or two.

Return To Bannockburn

The battle fought 700 years ago remains one of Scotland’s defining moments.

Visiting Wales This Fall

Everything you need to know about visiting Wales this fall.

Plymouth: Britain's Ocean City

Editor Dana Huntley provides a "Plymouth primer."

A Pocketful of Rye

Rye's surprising criminal past will provide an added layer of intrigue to your visit.