0 Topiary Gardens: On the Cutting Edge

Geometric trees and bird-shaped shrubs: marvel at the world’s most extraordinarily sculpted foliage! The gardens at Hamptons Court, Powis Castle and the legendary Levens Hall are alive with this fascinating and distinctly British art form.

0 Sceptered Isle with Dana Huntley

Under cloudy skies, Dana takes to the countryside — visiting its castles, churches and cathedrals, followed by museums and memorials for good measure. It’s what our editor calls a “‘Typical’ Autumn Adventure in England.” Follow his journey, and start planning your own!

0 Whisky Galore!

Scotland’s national drink: aqua vita (“water of life”), also known as Scotch. Whether you prefer the salty tang of Highland malt or the sweeter taste from the Lowland, you’ll soon be thirsty for a dram, or a barrel.

8 Discovery: The Bones of King Richard III

Over 500 years after his death, his royal remains are discovered under a parking lot. From our archives, this article is just one part of British Heritage’s continuing coverage of this story: the long overdue, final chapter of the last Plantagenet king.