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New Dawn, a contemporary light sculpture celebrating the 150th anniversary of the campaign for women’s rights, now sits in Westminster Hall, the oldest part of Parliament.  Listen as BHT’s Amy Griggs talks to artist Mary Branson, who discusses the first piece of abstract art commissioned for permanent display in the historic palace, along with Melanie Unwin, Deputy Curator, Parliamentary Works of Art, who describes the historical context. Melanie Unwin, Deputy Curator, Parliamentary Works of Art Mary Branson, artist, “New Dawn”, the first permanent contemporary art installation in the Houses of Parliament

Listen in as Sandra Lawrence tells us about her incredible experience exploring Jane Austen country and all she’s looking forward to on the upcoming Celebrating Jane Austen British Heritage Travel tour. Then be sure to book your trip by December 31st to receive a $100 discount! Call 1-866-834-8358 and be sure to quote ‘BHINTRO2017’ for the discount.

Celebrating 100 years of Women’s Suffrage in Britain! “It’s been an opportunity to get people into the building–to come and literally walk in the footsteps of people like Emmeline Pankhurst, Millicent Fawcett, Emily Wilding Davison!”

“They need a Carson, but Carson’s role has changed considerably. The difference is that now he doesn’t have 40 people at his disposal…”

“They’re ringing the curtain down at the right time because the story of Downton Abbey as a place is ringing down…it’s been a paradigm of what happened to the great country houses.”

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