Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.

Five of the lesser-known British Royals

How much do you know about these lesser known royals?

Welsh male voice choir in action.

The magic of Welsh male voice choirs

Choirs have always been closely associated with Wales. Join Sian Ellis as she looks into what makes that connection so special.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is coming to Netflix!

Downton Abbey is coming to Netflix!

The royal family on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

The strangest rules the Royal Family must follow

Did you know the Royal Family had to follow these rules?

How to get the best photos of Britain's most famous sights

Here's some expert advice on how to get the best shot of Britain's most famous landmarks - to make sure you can make all your friends jealous!

Prince William

Prince William will also be working on a book!

Prince William will also be doing some writing this Summer!

Queen Elizabeth II.

Can Queen Elizabeth get away with murder?

Is Queen Elizabeth immune to the law? Lets find out...

The inventor of television, John Logie Baird.

John Logie Baird, the pioneer of television, changed the world forever

On Jan 26, 1926, John Logie Baird, the forgotten pioneer of television, first demonstrated his invention, the colour television, changing the world forever. 

Lord and Lady McDonald

Lord & Lady Macdonald of Skye - Highland heritage and hospitality

Lord Macdonald leads the far-flung Clan Macdonald as High Chief, and he and Lady Macdonald also preside over their own fair and hospitable corner of the “Garden of Skye.”

Like many of the tiny cove beaches along the Penwith coast, the fine sands and azure waters of the beach at Porthcurno give a Mediterranean flavor to southern Cornwall.

The Cliffs of Penwith - Cairns, quoits and kitsch at the tip of Cornwall

Cornwall’s Penwith Peninsula has what may be the finest coast in all of Britain: nearly 40 miles of continuous, unbroken sea cliffs, with fine sand beaches washed into narrow cuts, and water the deep turquoise of the Bahamas.

Lady in hoop skirt, rococo era, c. 1780. Hand colored wood engraving, published c. 1880.

An 18th-century woman’s dressing routine

Have you ever wondered how long it took an 18th-century lady to get dressed?

Kirkwall Harbour, in Orkney.

Kirkwall: the bustling capital of the Orkneys

Though separated from the Scottish mainland by only 10 miles across the Pentland Firth, Orkney is one destination that really feels a world away.

Lyme Park House, Cheshire/

Famous British film locations

Lights, camera, action at places we love to recognize from the small and silver screens 

Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, a painting by John Collier.

The legacy of Anthony Ashley-Cooper the Victorian social reformer

Anthony Ashley Cooper opened people's eyes to the oppression of the weakest and poorest among them and led the way to easing their misery.

The landing of William Penn, painted by J.L.G. Ferris

William Penn and the Quaker migration to Pennsylvania

William Penn founded the Province of Pennsylvania. Read more to discover the history behind the man.

Windsor Castle, Berkshire.

Ten of the best Royal residences in Britain

For those who love the mystery and the magic of the Royal Family, let's take a walk in their shoes.

Engraving from 1885 featuring Mary Queen of Scots who was the Queen of Scotland. She lived from 1542 until 1587.

The gilded cages of Mary Queen of Scots

Follow in the footsteps of Mary Queen of Scots by visiting the houses, castles, and areas she stayed in while imprisoned by her cousin Elizabeth I. 

Castell Coch

Britain's most amazing castles

Have you been to any of these castles?

The son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince George.

Everything you need to know about Prince George on his birthday!

Prince George turns 7 today. Here's everything you need to know about the young prince.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, known as Kate Middleton.

Kate is Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order but what does it mean?

To celebrate the Duchess of Cambridge's 8th wedding anniversary, the Queen made her a Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order - the highest honour she can bestow. But what exactly does it mean?

Circa 50 BC, Julius Caesar (102 BC - 44 BC) as dictator of Rome wearing a crown of laurel and holding a symbol of office

Julius Caesar in Britain

Despite two attempts to overtake Britain, Caesar ultimately returned home emptyhanded. Here's a look at the history of Julius Caesar in Britain

Cantebury center.

What to see and do in Canterbury

A roundup of what to do, where to go, and what you have to see in Canterbury

Q&A with Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes

An interview with our favorite storyteller, Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes published ahead of the launch of Belgravia, and his latest book release.

Princess Anne

Princess Anne wishes Team GB luck before the Olympics

Princess Anne has recorded a message for team GB.

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh with their two children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne in the grounds of Clarence House, London.

Watch: The Royal Family in Scotland in 1955

The Royal Family has always shared a special relationship with Scotland and its people and this British Pathe footage from 1955 shows just that.

A promo shot for the TV show, Foyle\'s War.

Foyle's War - the most missed British TV show of the 21st century

Foyle's War has beated Downton Abbey as the most missed British TV show of the 21st Century, according to a new poll from The Radio Times 

Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family waving from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The one thing The Queen and her heirs always travel with

What do Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Prince Harry always travel with?

Queen Elizabeth II, surrounded by the bishop of Durham Lord Michael Ramsay (L) and the bishop of Bath and Wells Lord Harold Bradfield, receives homage and allegiance from her subjects during her coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey.

How the world's largest diamond was cut for the Crown Jewels

Documents explaining how the 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond, the largest ever found, was cut for the crown jewels were auctioned in 2019.

Lincoln Cathedral

Five Cathedral cities in England to visit by train

The East Coast mainline connects London and the Scottish capital of Edinburgh with a ribbon of steel linking five of Britain’s most historic provincial cathedral cities.

Tintagel Castle perched precariously in the mists of history on the Cornish clifftop.

Exploring Devon and Cornwall

Are you planning a visit to the UK and wondering what to do in Devon and Cornwall? Let us help plan your visit

Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle speaking with Oprah Winfrey.

Is Harry, the Duke of Sussex, still a prince?

Harry and his new wife Meghan Markle have moved abroad and stepped away from their royal duties. Does this mean that the Duke of Sussex, Harry, is no longer a prince?

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is writing a memoir

Did you know Prince Harry is writing a memoir?

Former prime minister and 20th-century statesman David Lloyd George reflects here with Frances Stevenson, his longtime secretary, and mistress. It is 1943, the year they were married

My grandmother was Lloyd George's mistress

"Lloyd George... asked her to become his secretary but explained that he could work with her only if he made her his mistress as well."

Thames Tunnel Mills, Rotherhithe, in South London.

The real history of pilgrim's ship the Mayflower in London

From Rotherhithe, southeast London, the ship, the Mayflower, first set sail on its famous pilgrim's mission. It's all commemorated on the banks of The Thames.

A promo shot for the Downton Abbey movie.

How realistic is Downton Abbey?

The period mellow drama has fans around the world but today we ask just how realistic is Downton Abbey?

A day well spent, in Bath, England.

Top travel tips - 24 hours in Bath, England

It's one of the United Kingdom's most visited cities but what exactly can be achieved by spending 24 hours in Bath?

Queen Elizabeth II celebrating her birthday in 2018.

What are Queen Elizabeth's hobbies?

Just what are Queen Elizabeth's hobbies for this period of self-isolation?

Kathleen \'Kick\' Kennedy.

Forgotten love story: JFK's Sister Kick Kennedy & the Marquess of Hartington

The tragic death of Kick Kennedy in a 1948 plane crash was covered up by her family because of the scandalous details that surrounded the young Kennedy's love life.

The Lewis Carroll Memorial Window at All Saints Church, Daresbury, is better known as the Alice Window.

The real story and places behind Alice in Wonderland

The true history of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, the life of Alice Liddell, and what remains in real life of these fantastical tales.

British pub.

10 of the best...British pubs!

Here's ten of the very best British pubs!

The Darling Buds of May: H.E. Bates’ story of country life in the Garden of England during the 1950s captures the idyllic charms of English rural life.

Follow the trail of the Darling Buds of May through the British countryside

Travel through the countryside which inspired H.E. Bates' novels and one of the most popular British TV series ever made - The Darling Buds of May.

It’s a hard-knock life in Victorian workhouses

Victorian workhouses were a common institution throughout Britain's history. How much do you know about the controversial buildings?

Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi and Princess Beatrice leaving the chapel at Windsor.

Princess Beatrice's wedding

Princess Beatrice married her fiancee, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in a small private ceremony at Windsor.

Michael Caine in The Italian Job.

Five modern classic British films

Now more than ever we have ample time to sit back and enjoy these modern classic British films.

Balmoral Castle, Ballateer, UK

Inside Balmoral Castle - Queen Elizabeth II's holiday home

Queen Elizabeth will be setting off on her holidays to Balmoral Castle very soon. How much do you know about this incredible place?

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York and former wife of Prince Andrew.

Sarah Ferguson speaks out on life with the Royal Family

Former wife of Prince Andrew, the Duchess of York has shared some light into her life now that she has some space from Buckingham Palace.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales.

Is Prince Charles planning on scaling down the Royal Family?

Reports have emerged that claim Prince Charles is planning on scaling back the Royal Family. What do you think?

The A591 road, in the Lake District.

Our favorite facts about The National Trust - preserving Britain's beauty

Have you heard these facts about the National Trust?

Queen Elizabeth II.

What to expect when Queen Elizabeth II dies

As the word's longest-reigning monarch, there's an entire generation of people who have never known life without Queen Elizabeth.


York & The North Country

Have you ever been to York?

The largest castle in England, Dover Castle has guarded the narrow channel straits since the time of the Romans.

Easy driving days in the Garden of England

Kent has been the entry point of visitors and invaders from the Continent for many millenniums.

Hampton Court

Hampton Court, the home of King Henry VIII

How much do you know about Hampton Court, the home of King Henry VIII?

Somerset’s Thankful Villages

Have you been to Somerset?

Whatever Happened to the Staffordshire Hoard?

The thrill of the chase on the Mercian Trail

A still the movie 1607: A Nation Takes Root.

What was life like in Britain in 1607?

What was life really like for people in Britain during the 1600s, those British who emigrated to America?

 Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Everything you need to know about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

The Duchess of Cornwall has never sought out the limelight, so how much do you really know about Camilla?

Bowl of Yorkshire pudding with green colour pottery.

Yorkshire cuisine... and now for something completely different

The food of Yorkshire is world-renowned for good reason.

General William Howe

General William Howe and the War of Independence

General William Howe was Commander in Chief of the British Army during a crucial period of the War of Independence. How much do you know about the British leader?

Prince William

Did Prince William use a fake name in university?

Did you know about Prince William's alter-ego?

11th June 1953: Princess Mary the Princess Royal (left) with Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (1900 - 2002) and Prince Charles and Princess Anne on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

What you need to know about Princess Mary, The Princess Royal

She's the Queen's aunt and a character in the new Downton Abbey movie, but who was Princess Mary?

Ightham Moat

Loving the Life at Ightham Mote

Ightham Mote is simply beautiful.


Ancient Chepstow: Gateway to Wales

Have you ever been to Chepstow?

RAF Plane

The Last Escape

This is a fascinating tale about WW2!


Walking around Wales

Lets take a walk around Wales.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Documentary makes fascinating claim about Prince Charles and Princess Diana

A documentary set to air on Channel 5 has made a fascinating claim about Prince Charles and Princess Diana's relationship.

The Crown

The Crown leads the way in Emmy nominations

The Crown has been racking up the Emmy nominations!

Meat pies in the sun for a great British picnic.

A guide to the iconic British summer picnic

An exploration of the history of the British picnic and what wonderful treats such as Pimms and scotch eggs you should pack on your next outing.

Francis Walsingham (1532-1590) on engraving from 1829.

What you need to know about Francis Walsingham, Elizabethan spymaster

Meet the man who ordered the execution of Mary Queen of Scots while working as a spymaster for Queen Elizabeth I - Francis Walsingham

William Kidd.

Scottish pirate William Kidd's last voyage

"A man neither very good nor very bad, the fool of fortune and the tool of politicians, a pirate in spite of himself."

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia.

Watch: Footage of Queen Elizabeth II in Ethiopia in 1965

Have you seen this footage of Queen Elizabeth in Ethiopia?

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Remaking the World - the marvels of Isambard Kingdom Brunel

How much do you know about Isambard Kingdom Brunel?

Highlands Folk Museum

At Newtonmore’s Highlands Folk Museum…

Newtonmore's Highlands Folk Museum is just amazing!

Jermyn Street

Every necessity for a gentleman - Jermyn Street

Jermyn Street is the place to go if you're in need of a fresh new suit.

Smeathe\'s Ridge, the Malbourough Downs.

A walk through time in the picturesque Marlborough Downs

Since the Neolithic period, inhabitants of Wiltshire have trekked this pathway across the Marlborough Downs and through thousands of years of England's history.

Prince Harry

The prank Prince Harry pulled on Queen Elizabeth

Prince Harry used to be quite the prankster!

Prince George and his parents

Hearts melt at Prince George's reactions to England's Euro 2020 loss

Prince George was at Wembley Stadium as England lost the final of Euro 2020.

Bourton-on-the-Water, in the Cotswolds.

Cotswolds delights for children of all ages

Susie Kearley discovers a host of attractions in the Cotswolds is a place of glorious countryside, heritage delights, beautiful waterways, and endless charm.

Glastonbury Abbey.

The Holy Grail, Gothic cathedrals and a town called Cheddar

A five-day drive from London to Wells will take you on a picturesque road trip with a wonderful destination.

View northward of Mount Everest from an aircraft.

British explorers history of climbing Mount Everest

Strangely, the highest mountain in the world has probably been visited most frequently not by the native Nepalese and Tibetans who have lived for centuries in its shadow, but by British explorers and surveyors.

A portrait of George Thomason by Henry Raeburn.

George Thomson, the collector of Britain's national folk songs

George Thomson, whom history remembers best as the organizer and director of the first Edinburgh Music Festival, also deserves credit as a collector of Britain's national folk songs.

Queen Elizabeth

The fast-food that Queen Elizabeth just can't resist

Did you know Queen Elizabeth enjoyed this food so much?

Dumfries House in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Dumfries House - A modern success story for a house steeped in Scottish history

A house fit for an Earl! The history of Dumfries House in south-west Scotland largely revolves around two men, separated in time by almost 250 years. 

Queen Elizabeth II presents the Chatham House Prize 2019 to Sir David Attenborough at the Royal institute of International Affairs, Chatham House on November 20, 2019 in London Colney, England. (Photo by Eddie Mulholland - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth and David Attenborough's decades-long friendship

David Attenborough and HRH Queen Elizabeth are both national treasures aged in their 90s but did you know they were pals. This clip of the pair will make you smile.

St Edward\'s Crown, the Crown of England, which weighs nearly five pounds, the hollow gold Orb, the Sceptre with the Cross, Sceptre with the Dove, and the Ring

How much is St Edward's Coronation Crown worth?

How much does the coronation crown cost? Let's find out

Lady Gabriella Windsor and Thomas Kingston leave after marrying in St George\'s Chapel on May 18, 2019 in Windsor, England.

Who Is Lady Gabriella Windsor?

The latest royal wedding was attended by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and Prince Philip - but left royal watchers wondering just who is Lady Gabriella Windsor?

Edd Kimber's nanna's gingerbread recipe

The Great British Bake Off’s first winner shares a northern treat her nanna's very own gingerbread recipe.

Members of the suffrage movement protest for the right to vote.

Podcast: History of United Kingdom suffrage - The ventilator

What was The Ventilator and what role did it play during the suffrage movement? 

The Wye

Why It’s The Wye

The River Wye is stunning.

The Culinary Treasures of Ludlow

Have you ever been to Ludlow?

St James Palace, London.

The history of St. James's - the mall and park

It's been called the epicenter of modern Royal London, so Sandra Lawrence shows us around St James's Palace and surrounding attractions.

The great castles of North Wales

King Edward I’s chain of stone fortresses, across Wales is as imposing today as it was 700 years ago.

Josiah Wedgwood the man behind the famous Wedgwood pottery.

Potteries of Staffordshire and Josiah Wedgwood

Staffordshire was the home of the pottery industry and one with a fascinating history and legacy.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Everything you need to know about Winston Churchill

We know Winston Churchill as a hard-nosed, inspirational Prime Minister who led Britain through one of its toughest periods. How did that come to be?

River Medway at Maidstone, in Kent.

The River Medway: The river of Kent or Kentish river?

There are many rivers in the world that serve as borders. Surprisingly the Medway, in the middle of Kent, is one of them. Man of Kent or Kentish Man — which are you?

The Bismarck.

The hunt for World War II's Bismarck

Germans abandoning their mission to attack British shipping were intercepted, and a showdown began between the British Home Fleet and Bismarck, the German navy's most powerful warship.

Author of On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin.

In search of Charles Darwin

A look at the life and works of Charles Darwin, the English naturalist, geologist, and biologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution.

Sherborne, in Dorset.

A day well spent... in the market town of Sherborne

Fancy a day perusing grand sights of quaint scenes? Visit Sherborne in Dorset and you can do both.

On April 3, 1912, Titanic arrived in Southampton after departing from Belfast.

Titanic and Southampton - the special relationship between the two

We look at the special relationship the city has with the ill-fated liner, which sunk on this day, April 15, 1912.

 John Brown (1827 - 1883), servant and confidant of Queen Victoria.

The truth about Queen Victoria's relationship with John Brown

We know Queen Victoria was devoted to Prince Albert, but did she really have an affair with a servant after his death? Historian Julia Baird certainly thinks so

Flask Walk is one of many Georgian lanes that line Hampstead’s attractive and posh residential neighborhoods. Opposite: Though Hampstead still feels a world apart, the village and heath are actually only four miles north of Trafalgar Square.

Escape London city to the calm of Hampstead

Just a few Underground stops from the West End, heath and village are a world apart.

The famous London diarist, Samuel Pepys.

The amazing London of Samuel Pepys

For four decades the gadabout diarist reported on the epic events of London city, most notably the Great Fire of London.

Did you know Batman, Christian Bale is British?! Yup! Batman\'s a Brit!

Stars you thought were from the US... but are actually British

Think you know everything there is to know about your favourite stars? Think again.


Erosion threatens this medieval cemetery in Pembrokeshire

This medieval cemetery has been threatened by erosion over the years.

Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma (1900 - 1979), with his nephew Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in Royal Marines uniforms at the regiment\'s barracks at Eastney, Hampshire, 27th October 1965

Why Prince Philip never became First Sea Lord

First Sea Lord is the highest position in the British navy, and Prince Philip couldn't take on the role because of his wife

British Heritage Travel has a luxury print magazine

Plan your next trip overseas with the British Heritage Travel magazine

British Heritage Travel has a luxury print magazine that's delivered to your doorstep six times a year

Introduction to the Victorian Age is one of the diploma courses on offer.

Exclusive discount offer: Best online courses to learn about your history and heritage

We're giving our readers an exclusive offer of a massive 75% off a bundle of four amazing history and heritage courses.

Think you know Britain? You\'re about to find out! Take the great British Heritage Travel quiz.

How well do you know Britain? The great British Heritage Travel quiz

Think you know everything about Britain? Then we dare you to take this 100 question quiz with questions from British Heritage Travel experts about everything from history to travel and culture.

Circa 1480, King Richard III (1452 - 1485) wearing a chain of office and playing with a ring on his little finger. (Photo by Hulton ArchiveGetty Images)

Discovering King Richard III's skeleton - history's biggest find

He lay beneath a Leceister car park for over 500 years, so how did historians discover King Richard III's skeleton?

The fishing Harbor of the Cornish village of Polperro, England, UK.

Reasons to visit Britain, especially if you're American

Have you always wanted to visit Britain but could never quite make the journey? Well 2020 is the year, and here are four reasons to visit Britain, especially if you're American.

Engraving From 1873 Featuring The Scottish Poet, Robert Burns. Burns Lived From 1759 Until 1796.

What you need to know about the Scottish poet Robert Burns

Jan 25 is Burn's Night a celebration of Scotland's most famous poet Robert Burns.

Prince Edward.

What Does Prince Edward's new title really mean?

For his 55th birthday, in 2019, Queen Elizabeth II gave Prince Edward a brand new title, but what does it mean for the rest of the family?

Olivia Colman as Queen Anne

What you need to know about Queen Anne

Olivia Colman may play the monarch in the movie The Favourite, but what do we need to know about the real Queen Anne?

Queen Elizabeth II, photographed in 1977.

The Irish Lord who captured Queen Elizabeth's heart

Queen Elizabeth and Patrick Plunket enjoyed a special relationship. Read more to find out about their close bond.

A stunning sunset in Cornwall.

Vacation in Britain and see it like a local

Are you visiting the UK soon? Here are seven simple ways to avoid being a tourist and make sure you get the most from your trip.

The Beatles and Liverpool - exploring the history of where the world's greatest band began

Liverpool is best known as the home of The Beatles, but there's more to the city than that. Join us as we take a trip through Merseyside.

At Home in Historic Places

How many of these historic places do you know?

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth awards the George Cross to the NHS

Queen Elizabeth has given the NHS an award.

Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills.

How coal, cloth and steel built Yorkshire

Modern Yorkshire was manufactured from cloth, coal, and steel, and the tale of its construction in the 18th and 19th centuries can be explored in a day.

Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill's unlikely friendship

The pair who ruled during World War II enjoyed a deep and enduring friendship despite their differences.

British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

Everything you need to know about Margaret Thatcher

On Feb 11, 1975, Margaret Thatcher defeats Edward Heath for the leadership of the British Conservative Party.

Mermaid Street in the Cinque Port town of Rye in East Sussex, UK

Are these the prettiest streets in Britain?

Are these the prettiest streets in Britain, get the cameras ready because we think so 

What a gormless pillock! Ye silly sod.

How many of these British insults do you know?

Why bother telling someone they’re a dummy when you can just call them a "daft git"?

Queen Elizabeth II attends the opera in 1953.

WATCH: Queen Elizabeth Attends The Opera

Have you seen this incredible footage of Queen Elizabeth at the opera?

Queen Elizabeth II.

How does Queen Elizabeth remember everyone's name?

Queen Elizabeth spends a huge amount of time meeting people. At 94 years old, how on earth does she remember their names?

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Watch: Prince Philip tell jokes through the years

Prince Philip has passed away aged 99. Often known for his sharp wit, and often public gaffes, he did love a joke.

York Minster

Five of our favourite things to do in York

York is one of the UK's premier travel destinations. It combines history, culture, and architecture to make it something special.

A magazine illustration from the time for an article on Jack the Ripper, \"the criminal classes\".

Who was Jack the Ripper?

Jack the Ripper is one of Britain's most notorious and mysterious figures. Who was he?

A painting of The Battle of Hastings and the Death of King Harold.

The effect the Battle of Hastings had on British history

In one battle, William the Conqueror led the Normans in sweeping away Anglo-Saxon rule.

Men and women in Africa captured into slavery.

A timeline of the abolition of the British slave trade

William Wilberforce, "The Saints" and the political events in Britain which led up to the abolition of slavery in 1833 across the British Empire.

Engraving From 1882 Of The Battle Of Hastings Between The French And English Armies Of 1066.

Weapons the Normans used in The Battle of Hastings

You know that The Battle of Hastings was a bloody fight between the Normans and the Saxons, but do you exactly how the Normans were armed?

Tides out and the sun rises on Cromer beach, Norfolk, uk

Visiting Norfolk: Queen Elizabeth II's personal neighbourhood

The Royal family's connection to Sandringham is long and varied, but just what is it about Norfolk that brings them back generation after generation?


A Day to Visit Berwick-upon-Tweed

Here's everything you need to do in Berwick-upon-Tweed!

The grand lost gardens of England

Visions of a secret paradise only partially found.

St. Asaph

A Day to Visit St. Asaph

St. Asaph is always worth a visit.


Hidden Charms in the East Midlands

Have you been to the East-Midlands?

Along the Roman, Fosse Way.

Follow the Roman road, explore the Fosse Way

Follow the Roman Road from Exeter to Lincoln and walk through years of history - ramble the Fosse Way.


Mind the history at Kenilworth

Kenilworth is jam-packed with history!

The Cathedral city of Lincoln, a gem of the East Midlands.

Where to stay, eat and visit in the Cathedral city of Lincoln

Once a center of ecclesiastical and political power, the modest modern city lives comfortably with its history.


Is Cornwall the most beautiful place in Britain?

Cornwall is known for it's stunning scenery and beaches. Is it the most beautiful place in Britain?

The late beloved Princess of Wales, Princess Diana.

Facts about Princess Diana's life

Everything you need to know about the "Queen of Heart's" life.

Princess Diana

Tributes pour in for Princess Diana on her 60th birthday

Tributes are pouring in for the late Princess Diana on what would have been her 60th birthday.

Queen Elizabeth II inspects men of the newly-renamed Queen\'s Own Nigeria Regiment, Royal West African Frontier Force, at Kaduna Airport, Nigeria, during her Commonwealth Tour, 2nd February 1956. (Photo by Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Watch: Queen Elizabeth II's 1961 visit to Ghana

Have you seen this footage of Queen Elizabeth in Ghana?

Britain's forgotten railways

Check out this clip!

Heading back to Blighty? A guide to British slang.

The British Heritage Travel guide to British slang

While it’s true Yanks and Brits both technically speak the same language, it’s a slight stretch to say we share a common tongue.

Gibson Mill, a 19th-century former cotton mill, in secluded woodland at Hardcastle Crags, near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England.

A history of the British cotton industry

Britain once produced half the world's cotton cloth without growing a single scrap of, so just how did British textiles come to clothe the world?

Let's get back! Plan your next holiday with British Heritage Travel

As an air of positivity descends on the world and possibilities seem ripe again, we're looking to the positive in the July / August 2021 issue of British Heritage Travel magazine and traveling far and wide across our great island.


BHT's guide to Wimbledon

Will you be watching Wimbledon this year?

\"Hitherto I Have Performed it Myself\": Six Dead Secrets, Topsy-Turvy Tales, by William Heath Robinson.

The art of English cartoonist and illustrator William Heath Robinson

The life, work and death of William Heath Robinson, best known for drawings of whimsically elaborate machines to achieve simple objectives.

Prince Diana, the Queen of Hearts.

Princess Diana’s legacy - the modernizing of the British Royal family

Two decades after her death, Princess Diana's legacy lives on in both her sons and the daughter-in-law she never had the chance to meet

Mary Somerville: Astoundingly, the woman who eventually would be recognized as a mathematical prodigy did not learn even the most rudimentary math until she was a teenager.

Mary Somerville and the Oxford college she inspired

The history of Oxford University, Sommerville College, and the woman who inspired it, the Scottish science writer and polymath, Mary Somerville.

The Queen v Patrick O\'Donnell

The Queen v Patrick O’Donnell (The man who shot the informer James Carey)

The Queen v Patrick O’Donnell (The man who shot the informer James Carey) is a new book set to be published on July 9th, 2021

A young Edward VIII, when he was the Prince of Wales.

Edward VIII's racist past unveiled in 'The Crown an Us' documentary

A new ABC documentary looks at racist letters written by Edward VIII during a royal visit to Australia

English Country Garden

Southern English Country Gardens

Southern English Country Gardens are simply beautiful!

Quarry Bank Mill\'s, Apprentice House, in Wilmslow.

Weaving life at Quarry Bank Mill

Explore the hard lives of workers and families of Georgian England at the Quarry Bank Mill's, Apprentice House, in Wilmslow.


Andrew Wallace: The Man Who Would Be Chief

Andrew Wallace was a fascinating figure in British history.

Judi Dench and Stephen Frears on the set of Victoria and Abdul.

Director Stephen Frears on Victoria and Abdul, Judi Dench and more

The elder statesman of British cinema, Stephen Frears invites BHT into his home for a cuppa, a chat, and a few helpful corrections.

King Henry VIII.

Five things you never knew about Henry VIII

King Henry VIII ruled England for 36 years, yet his reign remains known for his love affairs and marriages more so than his achievements - how much do you know?

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

JFK and Jackie insulted Queen Elizabeth at royal dinner

How accurate is the The Crown's depiction of the 1961 meeting of the Kennedys and Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Victoria.

The legacy of Queen Victoria and her 60-year reign

Queen Victoria ruled Britain for over 60 years, but just what effect did her reign have on her subjects?

Seen from across the moat, Leeds Castle looks more suited to impressing visitors with its idyllic charm than to repelling invaders intent on destruction.

Leeds: Castle of Queens

When Lady Baillie visited Leeds castle she could see what Hearst could not it was one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The English Civil War comes to Newark

Parliamentarians and Royalists finally have their story told at the National Civil War Centre.

Young lovers walking in Gretna Green, c. 1956.

Where lovers run to wed - a history of Gretna Green

Forbes Inglis takes a look at Gretna Green, the little Scottish village of love.

Queen Elizabeth with, on the left, her daughter Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and on the right Princess Margaret (1930 - 2002), in the garden at Windsor Castle during WW II.

WATCH: A young Queen Elizabeth plays at home

Have you seen this footage of Queen Elizabeth playing as a young child in Windsor?

The countryside in west Somerset.

Somerset - the “Land of the Summer People”  

Take a day-by-day trip with us through Somerset, a county loaded with history and scenery, so often overlooked.

George Orwell

British Pathé footage of George Orwell at the premiere of 1984

Have a look at this incredible footage from George Orwell's 1984 premiere.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill gives his famous speech "The Few" in the House of Commons

"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and The Duchess of Sussex on their wedding day at St George\'s Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018.

The story of Meghan Markle's wedding tiara

The new book "Finding Freedom" reveals Queen Elizabeth II refused to allow Meghan Markle to wear the tiara she picked out for her wedding day. 

The monument of Glenfinnan, Lochaber.

A Scottish road trip in search of Brigadoon

Dana Huntley went on a 715-mile road trip through the Western Highlands and discovered the most spectacular landscape he’s ever seen.

The RMS Titanic, the great ship built in Belfast, sunk by an iceberg on April 15, 1912.

The RMS Titanic By Numbers – Facts And Figures On The Tragic Belfast-Built Ship

Staggering figures associated with the White Star liner - from deaths during construction to the number of lifeboats on board

Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh at the state opening of British Parliament.

WATCH: Incredible footage of the Queen addressing Westminster

Have a look at this amazing footage of Queen Elizabeth addressing Westminster in 1966

An illustration of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania.

How a 104-year-old telegraph machine was recovered from the Lusitania shipwreck

Tragic WWII passenger ship sunk in 18 minutes killed 1,198 souls. American owner and team work to uncover secrets of the wreck.

British Aviator: Amy Johnson.

Amy Johnson: The incredible life of a pioneer aviator

The death-defying daredevil life and flights of Amy Johnson a pioneering English pilot who was the first woman to fly solo from London to Australia.

Ten of the best British National Trust winter visits

Some of these Winter visits are incredible.

Pretender to the throne, Perkin Warbeck.

The curious career and uncertain past of pretender to the throne, Perkin Warbeck

Was Warbeck just another in a long line of pretenders to the throne of England, or did his appearance in Ireland in 1491 prove the innocence of Richard III, whom most historians accused of murdering his nephews, the Princes in the Tower?

A stained-glass window depicting William Wallace.

William Wallace's adventure through time in Mel Gibson's movie

The Academy Award-winning film Braveheart managed to propel Sir William Wallace through nearly seven centuries. Through the magic of Hollywood, the infamous 13th-century Scottish hero has returned to his homeland and has once again created quite a stir.

Great Fire of London.

The Great Fire of London

On Sept 2, 1666, the Great Fire of London was ignited and burned for four days gutting the medieval city.

Chicken Tikka Massala.

Britain's favourite dish - let's go for a curry

How Britain fell in love with Britain and Chicken Tikka Massala become the United Kingdom's official favorite dinner.

Whatever happened to the beers of Burton?

For more than two centuries, “Burton” meant “beer” in the United Kingdom just like “Hollywood” meant “movies” in the United States. So what happened?

Viscount Horatio Nelson (1758 - 1805).

The personal life of Admiral Horatio Nelson

At the National Maritime Museum's Nelson Gallery, visitors catch a glimpse of the personality of England's greatest naval warrior Admiral Horatio Nelson

Alan Turing

WWII code-breaking Alan Turing becomes first gay man on British currency

Alan Turing's image will now be used on the 50 pound note in the United Kingdom.

Drimla Lodge, on the shores of Kildonan, Isle of Arran.

“Scotland in miniature" - the Isle of Arran

If you're looking for a single whistle-stop tour take a trip to “Scotland in miniature”, the Isle of Arran.

Delicious orange Scottish salmon.

Scottish foods you should try before you die

A look at what Scottish food is all about. Think Scottish food is all haggis and potatoes? Well, you wouldn’t be far wrong...

2nd June 1953: Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh wave at the crowds from the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth reveals where her father hid The Crown Jewels during WWII

Letters have revealed that in order to protect the royal jewels from the Nazis, they were hidden In a biscuit tin, 60 feet below Windsor Castle on the order of King George VI.

The King of England, Edward II.

King Edward II and Piers Gaveston, the real story of the King and his husband

The relationship between King Edward II and Piers Gaveston is one of the most infamous menages a trois in British royal history.

In the Wake of the Great British Explorers

Let's take a look at some of Britain's finest explorers.

The Saxon ship burial at Sutton Hoo was one of the most important archaeological finds of the 20th century. Today, visit a reconstruction at the site.

Journey into Anglo-Saxon England

Take a trip through English history, from the 5th to the 11th centuries from the end of Roman Britain until the Norman conquest in 1066.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana's statue - Everything you need to know

Princess Diana's statue will be unveiled next month.

Lord Louis Mountbatten's assassination by the IRA

On this day, August 27, in 1979, Mountbatten and three members of his holiday party died after the IRA blew up his boat

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

Planning a vacation to Scotland and don't know where to start?

If you’re intrigued about visiting Scotland but don’t know where to start let this be your guide...

Edward and Wallis Simpson on vacation in Yugoslavia, in 1936.

Wallis Simpson and the royal title that can't be used again

... And all because Edward VIII abdicated his throne for the woman he loved.

King Edward VIII (1894 - 1972) during his short reign. He was created the Duke of Windsor in 1937 after his abdication in December 1936.

Letters prove Edward VIII believed the monarchy had no future

New letters written by Edward VIII to a former girlfriend show that the Queen's uncle had little faith in the monarchy and didn't want to become king 

The green worlds of Lancelot “Capability” Brown

After over 300 years, the legacy of history’s greatest landscape architect remains.

Jane Austen (1775-1817) on engraving from 1873. English novelist. Engraved by unknown artist and published in \'\'Portrait Gallery of Eminent Men and Women with Biographies\'\',USA,1873.

The life and times of "Emma" author Jane Austen

Jane Austen may have written her books over 250 years ago, but their themes remain as relevant today as ever before. But what do we know about her? What do we know about the life and times of Jane Austen? 

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth returns to Royal Ascot

Queen Elizabeth is back at the races!

Adam James as John Bellasis, with Alice Eve as Susan Trenchard

Have you seen Belgravia, the drama by the creator of Downton Abbey?

Belgravia, based on the 2016 book by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, is set in London in the 1840s and tells the story of the Trenchard family. 

Some 6,000 Roman legionnaires gathered in Isca’s amphitheater for sport and ceremony.

Lost Roman city of the legion: Caerleon

Where ancient Roman history and legend make romance in the small Welsh town of Caerleon.

An illustration of the Tynewydd Colliery disaster, at Porth, in 1877.

The Tynewydd Colliery disaster

On April 11 1877 at the Tynewydd Colliery, in Porth became flooded by water from the abandoned workings nearby. Fourteen miners were trapped underground at Tynewydd and rescue attempts were begun to find them.

Sir George Cayley, the Father of Aviation

Sir George Cayley, the Father of Aviation

In 1903 Orville and Wilbur Wright launched the world’s first piloted heavier-than-air flying machine, or so history would have us believe. But they were actually 50 years behind eccentric Englishman Sir George Cayley.

Queen Elizabeth II arrives for the state banquet in her honour at Schloss Bellevue palace on the second of the royal couple\'s four-day visit to Germany on June 24, 2015 in Berlin, Germany

The reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Eizabeth II is officially the world's longest reigning monarch, but what comparisons can be made between her reign and that of Queen Elizabeth I?

Prince William

Prince William celebrates his 39th birthday

Prince William is turning 39 today.

Queen Elizabeth II.

Does Queen Elizabeth do an uncanny impression of Donald Trump and Margaret Thatcher?

We often think of Queen Elizabeth II as a stern, serious figure, who's known for her stiff upper lip but not according to some!

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

Queen Elizabeth II's advice to William and Harry on royal duties

Given the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have now opted out of their royal duties the advice the Queen once handed down to her grandsons, Prince William and Harry, seem even more poignant.

Loch Ness from Aldourie shoreline, near Inverness, Scotland.

Denizen of the deep - the Loch Ness Monster

Urquhart Castle is surely one of the most picturesquely situated castles in the Scottish Highlands. Located 16 miles south-west of Inverness, the castle, one of the largest in Scotland, dominates a sandstone bluff overlooking much of the length of Loch Ness.

St. Paul\'s Cathedral, in London.

Wren’s churches - England's greatest architect at work

On this day, Dec 2, 1697, Sir Christopher Wren, the man responsible for London's St Paul’s Cathedral, was born.

The spiritual claims and legends surrounding Glastonbury

Have more spiritual claims and legends attached to Glastonbury than any other place in England?

Like all the 18th and 19th-century textile mills, Darley Abbey Mills sits next to a river—the water providing the power that drove its vast machinery. DERWENT VALLEY MILLS

Traveling through the history of Britain's textiles

Weaving the tapestry of Northern life. Visiting the historic textile mills opens windows onto the technological innovations of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Everything you should know about Kate Middleton's wedding dress

A huge surprise and wonderful design the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress, in April 2011, took the world's breath away.

Lady Louise Windsor photographed at Church, in April 2021.

Lady Louise Windsor - meet Queen Elizabeth's favourite grandchild

A royal insider recently revealed that the Queen's favourite grandchild is Lady Louise Windsor, eldest child of Prince Edward and his wife Sophie. Here's everything you need to know about Lady Louise.

The Crown Jewels.

The man who tried to steal the Crown Jewels

Thomas Blood, believed to have been some sort of double secret agent, engineered an insane plot in the only close attempt in history to steal the priceless jewels from the Tower of London

Portrait of Mary I of England, Queen of England.

Who was Queen Mary I?

She was the first woman monarch to rule in her own right, and also one of the most unpopular, but what did Mary I achieve and why is she known as Bloody Mary?

Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Did you know Kate Middleton will inherit this title when the Queen dies?

As Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton's title as Duchess of Cambridge will automatically change when Queen Elizbabeth II either dies or steps down

Queen Elizabeth II.

Does Queen Elizabeth use secret signals to communicate with her staff?

The Queen reportedly has a number of secret hand signals. Did you know about them?

Worcester Cathedral, on the banks of the river Severn

The best cathedrals in England

Each of these provincial ecclesiastical fortresses merits a place on our list of the ten best cathedrals in England

Sand dunes running along Holkham bay beach & Nature reserve on North Norfolk coast, East Anglia, England, UK.

Six days along Britain's magical coast

The British coast along the Cotswolds is a delight. Our writer spent six days exploring the habitat, which is a fertile haven for an astonishing range of wildlife.

The South Transept, at Westminster Abbey, also known as Poet\'s Corner.

John Andre: Westminster's unknown poet

Devoteés of great literature pass by John Andre's monument at Westminster Abbey's Poet's Corner in puzzlement. Yet his death, more than two centuries ago, caused a sensation both in England and the United States.

Dame Vera Lynn, \"The Forces Sweetheart\".

Great British heroes: Vera Lynn - "The Forces Sweetheart"

In the bleak years of World War II, Vera Lynn’s songs captured the spirit of their times and charged the morale of British servicemen everywhere

An artist’s conception of conditions inside the “Black Hole,” based on Holwell’s account.

OTD: 140 British subjects were imprisoned in The Black Hole of Calcutta

A genuine narrative of the deplorable deaths of the gentlemen who were suffocated in the Indian prison known as the Black Hole of Calcutta.

John Wesley, the founding father of the Methodist Church, pulled from fire.

John Wesley: Pulled from the fire

The father of Methodism led a charmed life, narrowly escaping death from fire and angry mobs, and winning converts by his quiet dignity and unquenchable (some would say heretical) enthusiasm.

A promo shot for the 1995 BBC mini-series based on Jane Austen\'s Pride and Prejudice.

Q&A with Simon Langton, Director of the BBC's Pride and Prejudice

Two decades after the famous 1995 BBC series Pride and Prejudice, starring Colin Firth, British Heritage Travel caught up with Direct Simon Langton to get the inside scoop.

Arundel Castle, West Sussex.

Is Arundel, West Sussex, the best town in Britain?

Is Arundel the best town in Britain?

The Singing Ringing Tree rises deep in the moors near Burnley.

Views from Lancashire’s Panopticons

Public art in the Pennines - The panopticons perched above East Lancashire’s valley-towns are building-sized sculptures set in the midst of stunning views.

The Fens: Brograve mill at sunset in Norfolk.

Britain's sinking land - exploring the Fens

They're one of Britain's most unique landscapes and provide plenty of challenges for local, what it's really like to explore The Fens

The three suns: The battle of Mortimer\'s Cross.

The battle of the three suns - Mortimer's Cross

It's a quiet place today, this Mortimer's Cross. Few clues remain to indicate that on a bitter cold Tuesday, Feb 3, 1461, this sleepy hollow shook to the sounds of war and ferocious battle.

Has the Titanic II project run out of steam or will we still see a 2018 maiden voyage?

The last letter written on board the doomed Titanic

A letter believed to be the last written on board the Titanic went on display, in March 2015, at Titanic Belfast, a visitor attraction dedicated to the tragic White Starliner.

Princess Elizabeth photographed in 1947.

The day the Princess of Wales became Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Philip told his wife that her father had died and she was now Queen, his cousin has revealed 

A corner of Camden Town, London.

Five things you have to do in London

Are you visiting London soon? Here are five of our favorite things to do and see in England's capital.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, London.

Britain's oldest pubs with the best ghostly regulars

Britain's oldest pubs have many a story to tell.

White cliffs of Dover viewed from cross channel ferry, Kent, England, United Kingdom

The White Cliffs of Dover - Everything you need to know

The Cliffs of Dover are one of Britain's most iconic attractions. Join us as we take a look into what makes them so special.


The best tourist attractions in Britain

Interested in visiting the UK? Then check out Britain's best tourist attractions to make sure you're getting the most from your trip

Queen Elizabeth II, or Gan Gan as Prince George calls her.

Surprising nicknames The Royals use with each other

The Royals are just like any other family, which means they all have nicknames for each other, yes, even Queen Elizabeth!

Rob Roy: \"The eponymous hero lived and died in the exquisitely beautiful countryside of Loch Katrine.\"

British landscapes from your favorite books to explore on vacation

Bring British literature to life by visiting the setting of one of your favourite novels, from Jane Austen to D.H. Lawrence we take a look at ten of the best.

Even hedgehogs have medical conditions

Taking care at St. Tiggywinkles - Inside Britain’s pioneering wildlife hospital

The sounds of small wild animals fill the air as you walk into St. Tiggywinkles’ visitor center in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire.

Sir Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral.

The incredible life of Sir Thomas Becket and his gruesome murder

Sir Thomas Becket changed from being a 'patron of play-actors and a follower of hounds to being a shepherd of souls.'

History of the Pilgrims and Puritans, their ancestry and descendants; basis of Americanization.

The Puritan migration - Albion's seed sets sail

Who were the Puritans? What do you know about them? We explore David Hackett Fischers' Albion's Seed.

Queen Elizabeth II.

Who is the most popular Royal in the UK?

With everything you read in the international media do you ever wonder who exactly is the most popular member of the Royal family with the British people?

Iffley Lock on the River Thames. Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

Get outta town - the River Thames and the Chilterns

The River Thames is so much more than just a London waterway. Lets get on the road!

A close up detail of Prince William and Kate Middleton\'s wedding cake, from 2011.

The history of Royal wedding cakes

Fruited confections fit for a Queen! We take a look at the history of Royal wedding cakes - from Queen Elizabeth II to Prince William and down to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Great British motor museums

Put the pedal to the metal on Britain's motoring circuit and explore the history of the UK's most famous car brands.

Virginia’s dynamic governor, Sir William Berkeley, spells out his clear vision to the colonial assembly

The Cavalier flight to Virginia

Through the middle decades of the 17th century, aristocrats and adventurers sought a new life in a new world.

Two pieces of battered fish on a plate with chips.

Where to find Britain's best fish & chips

Are you in love with Britain’s favorite comfort food? Then here's everything you need to know to make sure you're eating Britain's best fish and chips.

British politician Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965).

Why Winston Churchill is so fondly remembered In Missouri

The Winston Churchill Memorial and Library is located in Fulton, Missouri. Do you know why? Read more to find out.

A copy of the Magna Carta can be seen in Christ Church, Dublin, Ireland.

What is the Magna Carta? Everything you need to know

On this day, June 15, 1215, King John set his seal to what would become the Magna Carta.

Queen Elizabeth II and United States President Joe Biden.

President Biden heaps praise on Queen Elizabeth following Windsor Castle visit

Biden said she reminded him of his own beloved mother and praised her generosity.

Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh RIP

When Prince Philip was a pillar of strength for John F. Kennedy Jr

A touching moment between the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, and John F Kennedy Jr in the wake of JFK's assassination, in 1963.

The Royal Guard

Everything there is to know about the Royal Guard

Think you know everything there is to know about the Royal Guard? Join us as we take a look into the history of these mysterious men.

Queen Elizabeth

Why does Queen Elizabeth have two birthdays?

Have you ever wondered why Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday twice?

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Everything you need to know about Prince Philip

With the sad news that Prince Philip has passed away, we take a look back at the Duke's incredible life.

Robert Pakington was a London merchant who became an MP in 1533.

Three of the best British historical mysteries

There are dozens of unsolved murders and curious causes throughout Britain's noted history, we take a look at three of the best.

Touring the peaks in the footsteps of Jane Austen's Lizzie Bennet

Jane Austen knew the Peak District and the journey of Ms. Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice illustrates that brilliantly.

Edinburgh Skyline, Balmoral Clocktower, Scotland.

Visiting Scotland - ten places you have to see

For a different side of Britain, head up north, to the wonderful Scotland.

Detail from a mosaic at Chedworth Roman Villa. 

Sites of Roman Britain - villas, towns and forts

Occupied by the Romans from the 1st to the 4th century, Roman historic sites abound in modern Britain. Here's where to found them.

The Queen’s summer ‘progresses’ throughout her kingdom endeared her to her people, burdened her hosts, and left a legacy of royal lodgings for us to enjoy today

Elizabeth I slept here - a look at the Queen's summer progresses

The Queen’s summer ‘progresses’ throughout her kingdom endeared her to her people, burdened her hosts, and left a legacy of royal lodgings for us to enjoy today.

Stonehenge, Salisbury.

Hidden landscapes of Stonehenge

Exciting new discoveries cast fresh light on the world’s most famous henge.

The Welsh poet and writer Dylan Thomas.

Britain's last romantic poet Dylan Thomas

The upbringing, genius and eventual demise - everything you need to know about the Welsh poet and writer Dylan Thomas.

Ruined Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire.

The 16th-century dissolution of the monasteries in Britain

From the Black Death to Henry VII and Cromwell's eventual suppression of monastic life and prise in Britain.

Taking a cruise around the Northern Isles of Scotland

A British Heritage report from the stern of the Bridge Deck - seeing Britain from a cruiseliners luxury.

Full English Breakfast!

Full English, a guide to a proper British fry-up

Breakfast: It's Britain's answer to soul food. The art of the proper fry up is still alive today and can be found in kitchens all over the United Kingdom.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth

Prince Philip's friendship with Daphne du Maurier

Did Prince Philip and Daphne Du Maurier have a relationship?

Joe Biden

Joe Biden will be visiting Windsor Castle!

Joe Biden will be having afternoon tea with Queen Elizabeth.


The Romney Marsh of the Scarecrow

Parsons, piracy and pints play along Kent’s southern coast

Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan set the record straight on Lilibet name

Harry and Meghan have set the record straight about their use of the name Lilibet.

Crown Mines ruins in Cornwall.

The story of Cornish tin mining

It was not cream teas and pasties, but metallic ore built Cornwall, on the in South West England.

Sir William Gilbert, William Conrad, Tim Curry, Angela Lansbury, Kevin Kline, Linda Ronstadt, Dana Huntley, Groucho Marx, Beverly Sills, Joel Grey, Eric Idle, Sir Arthur Sullivan.

The comic world of Gilbert & Sullivan

From Barataria to Titipu, the rollicking, madcap light operas of Gilbert & Sullivan parodied Victorian England and still delight audiences around the world.

The great British writer, Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens' Portsmouth

On June 9, 1870, the great British writer Charles Dickens passed away aged 53. Here Sian Ellis visits his birthplace of Portsmouth, on England’s south coast.

Iona is an Inner Hebrides Scottish island off the Isle of Mull west coast of Scotland, it\'s a popular tourist destination known for the abbey

Exploring the magical Isle of Iona

The isle of Iona is one of Scotland's best-kept secrets and most stunning tourist attractions.

Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth on her relationship with Christ

"I have been — and remain — very grateful to you for your prayers and to God for his steadfast love."

Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Harry and Meghan celebrate the birth of their second child, Lilibet Diana

Lilibet "Lili" Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was born on the 4th of June at 11:40 am. The Royal Family are said to be delighted with the news of her birth.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales.

The royal tradition that ended with Prince Charles

There was one royal tradition that ended with the birth of Prince Charles, and it may surprise you 

For those town and city dwellers without a cottage garden, growing fruit and veg on a garden allotment is a long-standing British tradition, and a family activity.

The backache and bounty of British allotment gardening

From surviving World War II to "back to the land" revival and even a Harrod's range, the history, and popularity of Britain's allotment plots.

Bodnant Garden’s famed laburnam arch draws springtime visitors to North Wales.

The less-traveled road that comes with a warm welcome in Cheshire and North Wales

The mainline trains will whisk you through to Scotland, but hop off in the less-traveled county of Cheshire and explore the North Wales coast.

A view of Big Ben taken from Trafalgar Square.

Visiting London with the family

Taking the family to London is undoubtedly one of the finest trips you will ever take.

The Battle of Shrewsbury.

A bloody field by Shrewsbury and an end to Sir Henry Percy's life

The Battle of Shrewsbury set the stage for the War of the Roses and ended Sir Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy’s quest for England’s crown…and his life.

The Union Jack flies during Remembrance Sunday ceremonies on November 11, 2007 in London. Queen Elizabeth II led the Remembrance Sunday ceremony commemorations to remember the sacrifices made by Britain\'s war dead. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

In search of the Empire!

Let's take an in-depth look into what lead to the British Empire becoming quite possibly the biggest of its kind with Dana Huntley.

Prince Charles holding a cup of tea

The strict rules Prince Charles makes sure his staff follow

Prince Charles is quite particular with his tea...

Prince William and Duchess Catherine (Kate Middleton).

What are the Royal Family's official regional titles

Did you know that the Royal Family members are called different names in different regions with in the United Kingdom?

Queeh Victoria.

The secrets of Queen Victoria

From 1832 Queen Victoria, kept detailed personal journals for 69 years mapping out the monarch's reign but her secrets were edited out after her death.

Irish author Oscar Wilde.

The “Queensberry Curse" and how it impacted Oscar Wilde

What is the 'Queensberry Curse', an affliction that has permeated one of Britain's oldest families for generations?

23rd September 1975: The Duchess of Windsor (nee Bessie Wallis Warfield) (1896 - 1986), dining with friends at the Paris nightclub Maxim\'s

Wallis Simpson refused to return family heirlooms claims Lord Mountbatten's daughter

The daughter of the late Lord Mountbatten has revealed how her father struggled to recover family heirlooms from Wallis Simpson after they were taken by Edward VIII

Queen Elizabeth II at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 press day at Chelsea Flower Show on May 20, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Geoff Pugh - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

How much does the Royal Family cost the British taxpayer?

A report in 2019 revealed that Queen Elizabeth II and her family cost the British people £67 million during the previous year.


Portmeirion: A Little Slice of Italy in North Wales

Did you know a little slice of Italy could be found in North-Wales?

Ely Castle

A day in Ely, England's second-smallest city

Ely is a gorgeous cathedral town. Join us as we take a trip!

A wonder English thatched-cottage.

Thatching - an age-old craft in modern England

What was for centuries the roofing of the poor has now become the roofing of the rich. Thatched roofs are stylish, expensive, and quintessentially English.

Circa 1835: English poet and author of \'Wuthering Heights\', Emily Bronte (1818 - 1848). Original artwork painted by Charlotte Bronte.

The Brontë Sisters and their inspirations

It's no secret that the Brontë sisters were inspired by their surroundings, but was it their hometown of Haworth that inspired them or the nearby moors?

Land of cider apples, Offa’s Dyke and ancient battles - touring the Welsh Marches

For serious Anglophiles who want to see the classic Britain of yore and a gentler way of life, it is hard to beat the rural, agrarian landscapes of the border counties known as the Marches.

Ranks of Royal Marines train aboard a landing craft in preparation for the D-Day assault.[

Eyewitness accounts of the horror of World War II's D-Day

D-Day was not about a master plan executed perfectly; it was about walking straight into hell and hopefully finding a way back out.

A fan made of bobbin lace. Facing page, from top: A handkerchief edged with bobbin lace and detail of a bobbin-lace shawl.

The history and wonder of the beautiful Devon lace

East Devon became a center for lace-making in the 16th century, possibly in response to the beautiful products of Italy or Flanders—though this has yet to be substantiated.

Snowdonia, North Wales

Six places to see on the west coast of Wales

Head west to the far west coast of Wales for a road trip adventure that is far less traveled.

The King James Bible - still the word after 4100 years

"While you won’t find one specific birthplace with a venerable monument to such a major historic undertaking, you can certainly add its genesis to your list of reasons to visit Oxford and Cambridge."

Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr.

Owain Glyndwr's legendary fight for Wales

Welsh prince Owain Glyndwr arguably became the most famous and highly regarded figure in Welsh history.

Queen Elizabeth II photographed in 1977.

Why do only some Royals wear tiaras

Have you ever wondered why only some royals wear tiaras and others never have? We know!

Sudely Castle

The Romance Of Sudeley Castle

Sudeley Castle has quite the backstory.

Chartwell House, former home to Winston Churchill.

Wonderful visits to the homes of British prime ministers and soldiers

These amazing houses, the homes of heroes and statesmen, are wonderful tourist attractions to visit on your next vacation in Britain.

Butlering with the best - beyond the green baize door

“The art of the butler is seen by many people as being old-fashioned, but nothing could be further from the truth,” says Grant Harrold— and he should know.

Watling Street

From Celts to Roman and modern day - taking a ride on Watling Street

Watling Street is a historical route dating back to Celtic and Roman times. Join our writer as he takes a trip along the road.

Queen Elizabeth II waves to the crowds from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, on June 2, 1953.

Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation: Some interesting lesser-known facts

On June 2 1953 Princess Elizabeth was crowned as Queen Elizabeth II. Here are some top facts about the her coronation 67 years ago.

Queen Elizabeth and members of Apollo 11

What Royal protocol did Neil Armstrong break when he met Her Majesty?

Neil Armstrong had quite the faux-pas on his trip to Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth II after her coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey, London. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The Royal decade in British Pathé technicolor

Have you seen this footage of the Royal decade following Queen Elizabeth's coronation?

Former British prime minister Winston Churchill.

Remembering Britain's WWII hero Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill, an icon to many, and certainly the United Kingdom's most revered Prime Minister, funeral recalled.

Edward Elgar photographed in 1931.

Celebrating Britain's most famous composer Edward Elgar at his Birthplace Museum

Happy Birthday Edward Elgar. We celebrate by looking at his life's achievements and the Elgar Birthplace Museum and Elgar Center in Worcestershire.

Snowdonia\'s slate mines

The terrible beauty in Snowdonia’s slate mines

Snowdonia's slate mines are a sight to behold.

Haltwhistle is still literally the center of Britain

In the heart of Roman Wall Country, the Northumbrian market town bristles with pride.


The disturbing remains found on a British farm owned by the Romans

Some disturbing remains have been found on a Roman burial site which are believed to be the remains of several slaves the Roman Army executed.

Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Was Outlander's Black Jack Randall based on a real Jacobite figure?

Fans of Outlander have been wondering whether or not Captain Black Jack Randall was based on a real person or not.

King George VI (1895-1952) with his daughters Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret (1930 - 2002) in the grounds of Windsor Castle in Windsor, England on July 08, 1946. (Photo by Lisa Sheridan/Studio Lisa/Getty Images)

Remembering King George VI

King George VI died on this day in 1952. Let's take a moment to remember him.

Queen Elizabeth II photographed with her grandson Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Where do the Royal Family actually live?

Which members of the royal family live in which castles? We take a look at the homes of Queen Elizabeth and her family 

Connecting the Union Canal with the Forth & Clyde Canal, the unique Falkirk Wheel draws half a million visitors a year.

All Aboard the Falkirk Wheel, in central Scotland

The only rotating boat lift in the world, connecting the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal.

A picturesque cottage in Dorchester, Dorset.

Walking through Thomas Hardy's Casterbridge also known as Dorchester

The Mayor of Casterbridge, by Thomas Hardy, is the single work that readers in the early 21st century can recognizably walkthrough virtually scene by scene, in Dorchester, Dorset.

King Edward abdicating his throne.

Who was Piers Gaveston, the 1st Earl of Cornwall?

Piers Graveston was the 1st Earl of Cornwall and an extremely important figure in early British history, but his story rarely gets told.

Queen Elizabeth II and the immediate Royal Family.

What is Queen Elizabeth's favourite dessert?

Did you know Queen Elizabeth has a sweet tooth? Here's what she likes best.

King George VI (1895 - 1952) and Queen Elizabeth (1900 - 2002) survey some of the damage after the bombing of Buckingham Palace, London, during the Second World War.

The day Buckingham Palace was bombed during WWII

Friday 13th, a day that sends shivers down everyone's spine, and is known for bringing bad luck. Even to the Royal Family and never more so than during World War II, in 1940.

English heartland.

Exploring the heart of England - from the Cotswold Hills to Worcestershire

Spending seven days in the "heart of England" - trails through the Cotswold Hills, and encompassing Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire.

Rosslyn Chapel, Chapel Loan, Roslin.

Scotland's mysterious Rosslyn Chapel

Long the focus of folklore and legend, including Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, what about an email from Mary Magdalene? Why not?!

Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she attends a dinner at the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Attard in November 27, 2015.

What does Queen Elizabeth eat everyday?

Is Queen Elizabeth's diet the secret to her good health?

The royal family on the balcony at Buckingham Palace September 12, 1937 after the coronation of King George VI. King George VI (R) stands with Princess Elizabeth (C) and Princess Margaret. Buckingham Palace announced that Princess Margaret died peacefully in her sleep at 1:30AM EST at the King Edward VII Hospital February 9, 2002 in London.

WATCH: The Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth

Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were crowned on 12 May 1937 following the abdication of his brother King Edward VIII

A Westerham lad: Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

The Westerham Triumvirate - Sir Winston Churchill, General James Wolfe and William Pitt the Younger

Steve Roberts takes a look at the town of Westerham, and its most famous sons.

Tower Bridge on the River Thames in London.

The history of Tower Bridge

Happy Birthday Tower Bridge! After 125 years, we take a look at some of the defining moments in the history of Tower Bridge

Captain Robert Scott, \"Scott of the Antarctic\".

Everything you need to know about Robert Falcon Scott

Captain Robert Flacon Scott, Royal Navy officer, and the explorer who led two expeditions to the Antarctic regions. Today we celebrate his life and incredible adventures.

The remains of Rievaulx Abbey, a former Cistercian abbey near Helmsley in the North York Moors National Park, North Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire’s medieval Cistercian abbeys

Did you know there are four Cistercian abbeys in Yorkshire, including a World Heritage site? Visit all four with our expert guide

The Haunted Forest in HBO\'s Game of Thrones (Tollymore Forest Park, Co. Down).

Seven UK locations that were used for Game of Thrones?

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Did you know that there are 7 locations in the UK that have appeared in the hit show?

King Charles II

The reign of Charles II and the Restoration

Charles II was a polarizing figure. How much do you know about the former King?

The delicious Cornish pasty.

The Cornish pasty - a pastry delight celebrated

Pride in the Cornish pasty runs deep throughout Cornwall, so much so that in 2018 they launched the Cornish Pasty Week.

This almshouse room at the Geffrye Museum depicts life in the 1880s.

The philanthropic legacy of Britiain's almshouses and those you can visit today

Almshouses across Britain have sheltered elderly and poor parishioners giving them succor since the 10th century, a tradition that continues today.

The North Great Road, Sutton-on-Trent.

Adventures on the Great North Road

The Great North Road was the only way of traveling the 409 miles from London to Edinburgh, or Edinburgh to London, for centuries before the A1 and the motorways of today.

Amphitheater at Caerleon.

Exploring Wales and unearthing magic and legends

Exploring the castles, mountains, winding roads, and valleys of the mystical Wales where so many tales of princes, heroes, villains, and saints live on.

Peter O\'Toole and Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia.

Ten of the best British war movies

Have you seen these classics? Here's 10 great British war movies that you need to check out.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the Great Western Railway

Isambard Kingdom Brunel was "the greatest of England's engineers", a "man with the greatest originality of thought and power of execution, bold in his plans but right."

Emily Bronte

A biopic about Emily Bronte is in the works!

Fans of the Bronte Sisters will be interested in this Emily Bronte biopic!

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip on their wedding day, Nov 20, 1947.

Queen Elizabeth II bought her wedding dress with WWII ration coupons

Two years after the end of the Second World War Elizabeth purchased her wedding dress using ration coupons.

A stream train arriving at the platform of a traditional station in North Yorkshire.

Riding the great British rails

Riding the great British rails guarantees the adventure of a lifetime!

Cycling in London.

Get a different perspective! See London by bike

Take a day or two and have an active holiday without leaving London. 

Traditional pot-roasted chicken.

Tom Kitchin's traditional pot-roasted chicken recipe

Tom Kitchin, head chef, and proprietor of Kitchin and The Scran and Scallie in Edinburgh's talk food, fall and reveals his traditional pot-roasted chicken recipe.

Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom.

Here's 8 things you never knew about Queen Elizabeth

Did you know these facts about Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth\'s youngest son, Prince Edward.

Everything you need to know about Prince Edward, Queen Elizabeth II's third son

Today, March 10 (1964), marks the birthday of HRM Queen Elizabeth II's third son, Prince Edward, a full-time working member of the Royal Family.

The Plough, The Swan... how did British pubs get their names?

How did British pubs get their names?

How better to celebrate International Beer Day (Aug 7) by revelling in the wonder of British pub names! Cheers.

The Venerable Bede.

The Venerable Bede - England's first great historian

About 1,300 years ago, the Venerable Bede was early medieval Europe's greatest scholar and the first to record the history of the English nation.

Image from page 71 of \"Coaching days and coaching ways\" (1893).

Travel through time at England's coaching inns

Ever wondered how travelers would get rest while crossing countries on horseback? In this article we look at coaching inns, which provided a place to rest for travelers and horses alike

Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.

Is this Queen Elizabeth II's secret to good health?

She's been on the throne for 67 years, but what is the secret to Queen Elizabeth II's good health?

A statue of Edward VII, in Birmingham.

The secrets of King Edward VII

The secrets of the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and Emperor of India including the love for women and the high-life.

Buckingham Palace, in the heart of London city.

A look at the renovated Buckingham Palace

We finally get to see inside the recently renovated Buckingham Palace and it looks incredible 

Queen Elizabeth I.

The truth behind the reign of Queen Elizabeth I

On this day, Jan 15, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth took place, but was this monarch's reign fraught with lies?

Fancy a brew? How to make the perfect cup of tea.

Here's how to make the perfect cuppa

Simply put, tea is the quintessentially British pastime.

Cheviot sheep, adapted to the rugged life of the Outer Hebrides, provide the wool for Harris Tweed.

Touring the history of tweed in the Outer Hebrides

In the Outer Hebrides, they make cloth the old-fashioned way to the highest quality in the islands off Scotland.

A portrait of Mary Queen of Scots from the Hermitage Museum.

Did Mary Queen of Scots kill her husband Lord Darnley?

Was Mary Queen of Scots involved in the murder of her husband Lord Darnley?

Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901).

Is this the last-known footage of Queen Victoria?

On this day in 1819, Queen Victoria was born. This footage of Queen Victoria in Ireland is believed to be the clearest in existence.

Queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe, Boudica.

How many of these famous British women through history do you know?

From Cartimandua to Florence Nightingale and Nell Gwyn to Margaret Thatcher, we look at famous women throughout English history. 

Welsh seaside

The beautiful Welsh seaside

The Welsh seaside is simply stunning.

Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

The myth of middle-class Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is often touted as being middle class. Is this really true?

Prince Harry

Prince Harry opens up about mental health in interview with Oprah

Prince Harry has spoken candidly about mental health in this interview with Oprah Winfrey

Queen Elizabeth II delivering her Christmas speech, in 2019.

Why Queen Elizabeth II is in the Guinness Book of World Records

Queen Elizabeth II is a Guinness Book of Records seven times over but what kind of records does the Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith hold?

Kate Middleton

What will happen when Kate Middleton becomes Queen?

Here's what's on the horizon for Kate Middleton!

What are the most popular baby names in Britain? Find out here.

Here are the most popular baby names in the UK last year

Did you know that these baby names were so popular?

Princess Margaret travelling to her wedding in the Royal Coach

The story behind Princess Margaret's wedding tiara

Did you know that Princess Margaret bought her own tiara rather than borrow one from the royal jewels?

Elizabeth Woodville

Did Henry VIII's grandmother Elizabeth Woodville die of plague

Does the discovered letter from 1511 prove that the White Queen died from the plague?

This 1849 vintage print features the portrait of William Shakespeare.

Was William Shakespeare a fraud?

Is everything we know about The Bard, William Shakespeare, true?

Producing the best of British comestibles is the ardent mission of the Edible Garden Show, on a fast track to become a major annual horticultural event.

Warwickshire’s edible gardens - horticulture, history and hearty living

Runner beans, heritage seeds, and secret family recipes, a gourmet tour of rural Warwickshire’s historic houses and gardens.

A statue of Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest.

Robin Hood's merry England - the folk heroes tales in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire

The tale of the notorious outlaw has lived on long after he and his band of merry men have gone.

A traditional English cream tea scone with jam and cream.

A truly British delight, a special scone recipe

The scone undoubtedly, the perfect British treat. Clotted cream, jam, butter? However, you take yours this recipe is dreamy.

Lost City of the Legion: Caerleon

The lost city of the legion is always worth a look.

A promo shot for the latests reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes, in 1984, by Granada TV.

Follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes in London

A look at Sherlock Holmes London and the life of his creator Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the case of George Edalji

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a firm believer in the pursuit of justice. How much do you know about case?

Cycling the Monsal Trail, in the Derbyshire Peak District

Take an active and easy adventure in the Derbyshire Peak District.

The Irish Crown Jewels.The Irish Crown Jewels. PUBLIC DOMAIN/WIKIPEDIA

The history of the Irish Crown Jewels

Did you know that Ireland was presented with crown jewels by both Henry II and Henry VIII?

Author and playwright Oscar Wilde.

The life of Oscar Wilde in his own words

Oscar Wilde is one of the most quotable writers of all time, and here's his most famous quotes used to tell his life story

This innocent Fife farmhouse hid the entrance to Scotland\'s underground bunker.

Fife’s secret bunker - how Scotland planned for nuclear war

Aspiring travel writers are invariably advised to avoid the clichéd opening: “This well-kept secret” but, in this particular instance, it is 100 percent appropriate.

Daphne du Maurier.

Daphne du Maurier's Cornwall

Daphne du Maurier came from a line of distinguished eccentrics.

Castell Coch (Red Castle) near Cardiff, South Wales. Built in the 1870s

King coal's castles - touring the castles of South Wales

From Cardiff to Castle Coch the most stunning historic castles to explore in South Wales.

Chepstow and the Little Church in the Vale

A quirky interlude in the Marcher Borderlands. “Queen sells church for £1” is one of the more curious newspaper headlines back in 2015.

Harry and Meghan

On this day: Harry and Meghan get married

Harry and Meghan are celebrating their wedding anniversary today.

A view of Winchester Cathedral on a winter\'s evening

Queen Emma of Normandy found buried in Winchester Castle

Are the remains of Queen Emma of Normandy among the 1,300 bones found at Winchester Cathedral?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Megan Markle, photographed during their trip to Ireland in 2018.

Meghan Markle has a surprising Irish connection

Happy anniversary Meghan and Harry! Did you know that Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is part Irish?

William \'Billy\' Hill - the London Irish gangster who mentored the Kray twins

The London gangster who shaped the Kray Twins

London gangster William 'Billy' Hill helped shape the criminal career of the notorious Kray twins.

The medieval streets of Wells, in Someret.

England’s most medieval city has a small town feel

Compact and picturesque Wells makes a great visit.

Queen Elizabeth

Plant a tree to mark Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee!

People all over the United Kingdom are planting trees to mark Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee in 2022, celebrating her 70th year as monarch.

Inside Mr Straw\'s House.

Time travel with a visit at William Straw's house

Mr. Straw's House, 7 Blyth Grove, in Worksop, a treasure chest of fascinating 1920s objects, fashions, and memories from inter-war Britain.

How to plant an English cottage garden?

Sian Ellis put the question to Gloucestershire-based garden designer Jacquie Gordon, winner at the Chelsea Flower Show for Mr. McGregor’s Garden, inspired by Beatrix Potter’s Tale.

Manderston House, in Duns, Scotland.

Last of the great stately homes - The Edwardian Manderston House

Manderston House in the Scottish Borders, almost completely rebuilt in Edwardian times, is described as being the swansong of that era.

Dreamland amusement park, at Margarate.

Margate, Kent - revived dreams of Dreamland

Making merry once more at the classic amusement park, Dreamland! Margate’s lost soul was reborn.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles has plans for when he becomes King

Did you know Prince Charles was planning on opening up several Royal Palaces to the public?

The Crimson Field - putting history into historical fiction

If you have any questions concerning British Army protocol --“the nuts and bolts side of the military"--Taff Gillingham is your man. 

The gift of a golden scepter by Pope Alexander VI to King James IV in 1494 began the priceless collection known as the Honours of Scotland. After a long and colorful history, the Honours of Scotland rest on display in Edinburgh Castle atop the Royal Mile in Scotland’s capital city.

Scottish Crown Jewels's history is an incredible one that starts in Rome

The Scots have placed their affections in some strange places throughout their battle-worn history

Edward Jenner.

On this day: Edward Jenner, the founder of immunology, was born

Given the spread of the coronavirus worldwide, it's worth remembering to look for "the helpers". In doing so we remember the man who halted the spread of smallpox.

Blaenavon’s Balance Tower is its most impressive sight. Built in 1839, the tower used water power lifting carloads of iron ore to be fed into a battery of smelting furnaces on the left.

Ironmasters of Wales - history forged in the Valley

A trip along the Heads of the Valley road certainly unwraps a rich story, of visionary ironmasters and hard-grafting workers, who forged industrial, social and political revolution.

Queen Elizabeth II: A portrait painted during her 1959 tour to Canada.

Queen Elizabeth's advice on wearing a crown

Have you seen this charming clip?

The Royal Family captured by British Pathe at Windsor.

Have you seen this footage of the Royal Family at Windsor?

Have you seen this footage of the Royal family at Windsor?

King George VI\'s VE Day speech.

King George VI's historic and moving VE Day speech

On May 8, 1945, King George VI delivered a victory speech celebrating the defeat of Nazi Germany and paid tribute to those who lost their lives in World War II.

Eastbourne Pier, in East Sussex.

Ten easily accessible tourist attractions in Britain

Due to visit Britain this year, don’t let walking restrictions stand in your way! Here are 10 of the best tourist sites suitable for those with mobility issues.

Julie Andrews (13) performs for George VI and Queen Elizabeth, in 1948.

When Julie Andrews sang to King George VI in 1948

In Nov 1948 Julie Andrews became the youngest solo artist to perform at a Royal Command Variety Performance, British Pathe captured the moment.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on their wedding day.

WATCH: Incredible footage of Queen Elizabeth on her wedding day

Have you seen this amazing footage of Queen Elizabeth's wedding day? Take a look!

Taking a moment: Two Welsh miners pause for cigarette.

When coal was king in the Welsh valleys of the Rhondda

The Welsh valleys have a long and storied history within the mining industry. Read more to find out about it.

Longleat House.

Elizabethan Longleat House, in Warminster, a bit of privacy and a lot of light

It is unimaginable to picture Longleat House in any setting other than the one it so perfectly occupies.

Sheep contentedly graze among the stones of Avebury.

Just follow the Ridgeway, Britain’s oldest highway

The chalk route has taken folk across southern England since the Bronze Age.

Circa 1540, A portrait of King Henry VIII (1491 - 1547), an engraving by T A Dean from a painting by Holbein.

Six old wives tales of Henry VIII

The faiths of Henry VIII's wives are well known, but did you know that each is associated with at least two castles?

The gravestone of Bartholomew Gosnold.

Bartholomew Gosnold - How England settled in the New World

The man who perhaps more than any other single individual is responsible for the establishment of British North America.

Tourists enjoying Tower Bridge and the River Thames, in London.

British holidays: Sage advice from an expert traveler

After over 30 years of travel writing on Britain, Dana Huntley shared his expertise with those planning their next vacation.

Alfred the Great (849-99), after a painting in the Bodleian Gallery.

A British hero Alfred the Great King of Wessex

Many monarchs in the long history of Great Britain have been mediocre and worse. Some few have been quite good indeed. However, only Alfred, the 9th-century king of the West Saxons, has been honored by history with the sobriquet “Great.”

Ironbridge Gorge, at Telford.

Industrial heritage sites - the engine houses of the modern world

Some of the greatest historic sites in Britain that illustrate how the world changed during the Industrial Revolution.

For 200 years, mudlarks scrounged a living in the tidal flats of the River Thames. Today, intertidal archaeology can be a fun London adventure.

Mudlarking on The Thames - in hunt of treasures in London

For 200 years, mudlarks scrounged a living in the tidal flats of the River Thames. Today, intertidal archaeology can be a fun London adventure.

King Arthur.

The legend of King Arthur

Many and various tales about the legend of King Arthur have continued to arise throughout history - but what can we take as real and what can we dismiss as lore?

The National Gallery on Trafalgar Square, in London.

Ten free things to do in London

If you're in the capital for a visit this is the essential guide of free things to do in London.

The Palace of Westminster, otherwise known as the Houses of Parliament, is a Victorian architectural icon.

Five Victorian buildings in London you need to visit

Here are five of London's most beautiful buildings built during the reign of Queen Victoria.

A Q&A with the Curator of Hillsborough Castle, in County Down

Dr. Christopher Warleigh-Lack is filled with stories of Hillsborough, and not just ones about its artifacts and artwork.

Osborne House.

The history of Queen Victoria's Osborne House

It was Queen Victora's summer home, but what else do we need to know about Osborne House?

Bread and butter pudding.

Pudding power! Great British desserts you'll want to try

From treacle sponge to jam roly-poly, puddings are an integral part of the traditional Great British menu, appearing at humble bistros and Michelin-starred restaurants alike.

Sun setting on Knowlton Church, in Cranborne.

Who were the Druids? A history of Druidism in Britain

Our knowledge of Druidism is often full of misconceptions, here's everything you need to know about the history of Druidism and Druids in Britain 

St. Michael\'s Mount

Just how much would it cost to get married at these British locations?

Diamonds Factory has comprised a list of the most expensive wedding locations!

Part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, UK, circa 1960. Possibly St Edward\'s Crown. (Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Have you seen this footage of The Crown Jewels?

The Crown Jewels are consistently held up as one of the most impressive collections of their kind.

Calke Abbey, the Baroque mansion, in Derby.

A glitter of dust, cobwebs and “shabby chic” at Calke Abbey, Derby

Dating back to the early 1700s Sian Ellis takes a guided tour through the atmospheric Baroque mansion and explores its "heart-tugging progress from luxury to the faded glory."

Sir Edmund Halley.

Sir Edmund Halley, a British scientific giant

English astronomer, geophysicist, mathematician, meteorologist, and physicist, Sir Edmund Halley is best known for his discoveries surrounding Halley's Comet. How much do you know about this scientific giant?

Based out of London? Why not take a day-trip by train to explore more of southern England.

Wonderful day trips to take by train from London

Easy excursions for a London-based holiday to explore beyond the city and see some of the southern English countryside.

Regent\'s Canal as seen near Little Venice, London.

Life on London's Waterways

Cruising the capital city's crowded canals, exploring London's life on the waterways - its challenges, history, and different point of view.

The Making of the Pilgrims

From obscure farming villages to the shores of New England

Hever Castle was the home of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII who was beheaded.

Visiting historical fortresses and castles of Kent

The pastoral garden county of Kent houses an extraordinary collection of historic fortresses, from Canterbury Cathedral to Battle Abbey and Dover Castle there's something for every Anglophile.

St. Michael\'s Mount

A medieval castle in Cornwall needs a Castle Officer

Looking for a job? This could be for you!

His Royal Highness Prince Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1819 - 1861).

Five facts about Prince Albert

In 2019 Britain celebrated Prince Albert's 200th birthday, here are five unknown facts about Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria.

The world\'s most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale, aged 34, just after the Crimean War.

The legacy of the world's most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale

A look at the legacy of "The Lady With The Lamp" on the anniversary of her birth, May 12, 1820.

The British Library in London, with St. Pancras station in the background.

Five things to see at The British Library, London

A British Library curator chooses the institution's most valuable items along with the treasures she most enjoys.

Sunrise over winding mountain road in Yorkshire dales, England.

Yorkshire's dales and moors - where the journey itself is the destination

Yorkshire's Dales and Moors present any curious traveler with a myriad of things to see and do.

Here at Erddig near the market town of Wrexham (pictured below left), the serving staff photographed in 1912 included gardeners, housemaids, footmen, butler, cook, laundress, housekeeper and the estate foreman.

The real Downtown Abbey - servants’ lives below stairs

How shall we ever know if it’s morning if there’s no servant to pull up the blind?

Lumos! Travel through the wonder of Harry Potter\'s Scotland.

Tour the magic of Harry Potter’s Scotland

Harry Potter fans will love this.

The Royal Family

4 Royal moments that shocked the world

These Royal moments shocked the world.

Princess Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret (1930 - 2002) at the Royal Lodge, Windsor, UK, 8th July 1946.

WATCH: The Royals celebrate Elizabeth and Philip's engagement in 1947

Have you seen this incredible British Pathé footage Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip from their engagement party?

The funereal effigy of Phillipa Chaucer, wife of 14th-century poet Geoffrey, rests in St. Mary the Virgin, the village church of East Worldham.

Wandering in literary Hampshire

From Shakespeare to Conan Doyle, this southern county has known the poets and storytellers of England’s past.

A gargoyle perched of Gloucester Cathedral.

Why an ancient craft of masonry remains in demand in Gloucester

“Gloucester Cathedral is looking for a Senior Stonemason. 39 hours a week. Reporting to the Master Mason at the Cathedral.”

A still from the smash-hit show, Outlander, on Starz.

Keeping it real with Outlander's historical advisor

Dr. Tony Pollard, historical advisor to the smash-hit period drama Outlander on Starz tells British Heritage Travel how his role works and how he keeps this TV show on the heritage straight and narrow.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

On this day: Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister of Britain

On May 10, 1940,  Winston Churchill was called to replace Neville Chamberlain as Prime Minister of Britain.

Balmoral Castle

How much would it cost to rent a Royal residence?

Ever wonder how much it would cost to rent a Royal household?

Queen Elizabeth

Here's why Queen Elizabeth won't be returning to Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth reportedly won't be living in Buckingham Palace anymore.

The Royal Family

Have you seen this footage of the Royal Family at Braemar?

The Royal Family's love for Scotland is very well documented and this footage at the Highland Games illustrates that wonderfully.

The Scottish Borders - five days in paradise

Scotland is a country filled with some incredible sights. The Scottish Borders in particular offer up some stunning views.

Buckingham Palace.

The history of Buckingham Palace

The English monarchy has lived at Buckingham Palace since the reign of Queen Victoria, but how much do you know about its history?

Agatha Christie.

Greenway House: at home with Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple both visited this town on River Dart, in Devon, where the world's best-selling author, Agatha Christie, called home.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kate and William launch new YouTube channel

Kate and William have launched a new YouTube channel.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill's VE Day speech

Have you seen this amazing clip?


Iconic British locations! Our favourite places to visit

We asked our contributors to tell us a little bit about some of their favorite spots in Britain. Here's what they said.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth sent a heartfelt message regarding her last trip to Northern Ireland with Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth sent a heartfelt message regarding her last trip to Northern Ireland with Prince Philip.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with Jackie Kennedy and her children John Jr. and Caroline during the inauguration of Britain\'s Kennedy memorial at Runnymede.

WATCH: Footage of Queen Elizabeth honoring JFK

On Nov 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Watch this historic footage of the Queen paying her respect.

Queen Mary Tudor.

Was Mary Tudor really England's most hated Queen?

Who was Mary Tudor and why was she the world's most unhappy Queen?

Highclere Castle. Newbury.

The real Downton Abbey: we chat to Lady Carnarvon of Highclere Castle

She calls Downton Abbey home and lives the real lady of the manor life, so what is it like to be Lady Carnarvon of Highclere Castle?

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge stands on the steps with her mother Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge after the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle at St George\'s Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England. (Photo by Jane Barlow - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Our favorite moments with Princess Charlotte on her 6th birthday

Princess Charlotte turns 6 on the 2nd of May.

British Conservative Party politician and Prime Minsiter of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher (1925 - 2013) at the Conservative Party Conference in Brighton, UK, 10th October 1980. (Photo by Colin Davey/Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Who is your favorite British Prime Minister?

There have been some fascinating British Prime Ministers over the years. Here's some of the more notable ones.

Portrait of Rear Admiral William Bligh.

The famed despot behind the mutiny on the Bounty, Lt. William Bligh

Incredible the mutiny of 1789 on the Bounty was only one of three set against Lieutenant William Bligh but was his a victim or a villain.

John Knox statue at Haddington.

John Knox - the Scottish religious reformer

Martin Luther is synonymous with Protestantism in Germany. In France, John Calvin led the reform movement. Scotland, too, had its giant of ecclesiastical reform in John Knox.

Hallam Street, London: after the World War II Blitz.

A World War II survivor recalls the London Blitz

Joan McKenzie, a survivor, recalls World War II's Hitler's V-weapon offensive during the Blitz.

The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House is always worth a visit.

The success story of the Salvation Army.

Onward Christian soldiers - the story of the Salvation Army

What began as a family mission in East London in 1865 with soup kitchens and “Food for the Millions” shops spread to become a worldwide organization. 

Prince Willam and Kate Middleton.

Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released new photos for their 10th wedding anniversary, looking natural and happy outside Kensington Palace.

The Parlour shares the ground floor of the manor’s oldest wing with the Great Hall.

A visit to Otley Hall - the birthplace of the Virginia Company

Here in the early 16th-century moated manor house, dreams of a permanent English colony in America took shape, and the Virginia Company was born.

Captain James Cook.

April 1770: Captain James Cook and his crew claimed Australia

In April 1770, Captain James Cook and his crew became the first known Europeans to reach the east coast of Australia, making landfall near present-day Point Hicks, and then proceeding north to Botany Bay.

Roman Fortifications in the Museum Gardens of York.

Steeped in Roman and Viking history - the proud city of York

Eboracum to Jorvik to York - Where the streets are called gates, the gates are called bars and the bars are called pubs.

An illustration of London Zoo in the 1800s.

On this day: London Zoo, the world's oldest, opened its doors

On Apr 27, 1828, The Zoological Society of London opened a zoological garden in Regent’s Park, still a major attraction for visitors to Britain's capital city today.

Princess Diana, the Queen of Hearts.

When Princess Diana and John Travolta danced at the White House

The Saturday Night Fever star made the Queen of Hearts blush during her 1985 visit to Washington with Prince Charles.

Prince Albert, Duke of York (future George VI) and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon at ther wedding. Prince Albert is wearing the full dress uniform of the Royal Air Force with the rank of group captain.

On this day: The future King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were married

On April 26, 1923, The Duke of York and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, were married in Westminster Abbey, London.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth's birthday message

Queen Elizabeth has shared a heartfelt birthday message following the death of Prince Philip.

Prince Louis holding his mother Kate Middleton\'s hand at the London Palladium in Dec 2020.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Britain's Prince Louis

Today Prince William and Kate Middleton's third and youngest child celebrates his third birthday. Here's everything you need to know. 

A crowd of female protestors in Britain, bearing a placard which reads \'Help Our Prisoners in Germany\', circa 1914. They are protesting the internment of thousands of British civilians at Ruhleben (now a district of Berlin) at the start of World War I. (Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The British community inside the Ruhleben Prison Camp

British citizens in Germany at the onset of WWI soon found themselves in the Ruhleben prison camp.

How three enlightened German princesses helped to shape Britain

Caroline, Charlotte, and Augusta, who had never visited Britain before taking the on Royal duties, played a major role in developing royal palaces, and gardens hugely promoted their own personal interests.

The nave and chancel of St Botolph\'s church in Boston Lincolnshire.The church is commonly known as Boston Stump

The history of St. Botolph's & John Cotton

How a church in Lincolnshire inspired the city of Boston and the story of John Cotton

Leeds from temples to markets - a city built on trade

"From cloth to grain to the industrial revolution, the story of Northern entrepreneurial effort is seen throughout the city."

British Heritage Travel magazine\'s May / June 2021 issue is out now.

Planning a vacation in Britain? British Heritage Travel magazine has all the inspiration you need

British Heritage Travel magazine's May / June 2021 issue is out now! Check it out.

Travel through Scotland by train and really see the countryside.

Exploring bonnie Scotland by train

Do Scotland by train and leave the driving. Elegant Edinburgh, the floral city of Aberdeen and west to the Highland capital of Inverness.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey returns for a sequel

Downton Abbey will be hitting the big screens this year.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth's birthday arrangements

Here's how Queen Elizabeth will be marking her birthday tomorrow.

Portrait of Bram Stoker, author of Dracula.

On this day: Irish "Dracula" author Bram Stoker died

After suffering a number of strokes, Stoker died at No. 26 St George's Square, London on 20 April 1912.

Plymouth, in south west England.

Plymouth: Britain’s Ocean City

Explore The Barbican and play bowls on The Hoe with Drake.

Prince Philip\'s funeral.

Prince Philip is laid to rest

Prince Philip's funeral was held this weekend.

Queen Elizabeth II.

Who are the most popular Royals?

Ever wondered who are the most popular Royals? Thanks to YouGov, now we can find out. And you might just be surprised at who made the top ten!

Horatio Nelson.

Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar

On this day, Jan 8, 1806, Lord Nelson, naval commander, and hero of the Battle of Trafalgar was buried at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Photo Taken In Manchester, United Kingdom

Welcome to the Port of Manchester

Dozens of ships unload their cargo onto the docks at the port of Manchester, some of it bound for nearby warehouses, some straight for the local mills and factories.

Prince Harry and Prince Philip

What military ranks do the Royal Family hold?

The Royals will not be wearing their uniforms for Prince Philip's funeral but what do you know about the Royal Family's military service?

Derwent Pencil Museum, Cumbria

Odd and quirky museums around Britain

Look outside the Victoria & Albert and The British Museum to some of England's quirkier museums and you may be very surprised by what you discover. Here are eight of Britain's most underrated museums.

Dr. Samuel Johnson, become England’s most important 18th-century men of letters.

On this day, 266 years ago, Dr Samuel Johnson published his Dictionary

A look at the life and influence the lexicographer and scholar, Dr. Samuel Johnson, has had on how we communicate. 

: Southwark horse dealers and barrow mongers trade on the street at the Elephant and Castle, South London. Original Publication: Picture Post - 4694 - Life At The Elephant - pub. 1949 (Photo by Bert Hardy/Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

A guide to Cockney rhyming slang

Cockney rhyming slang is known around the world but how much do you know about this East London language construct?

Prince Philip

Everything you need to know about Prince Philip's funeral arrangements

Prince Philip's funeral will be held this Saturday.

In the spirit of this edition\'s Literary Britain, I\'m dedicating Around Town to specific places from novels set in the capital.

Literary Britain - uncovering the fiction of London

Discover specific locations from wonderful novels you'll find around the great city of London.

The Great Gate at Hampton Court Palace.

The ghosts of the Tudors at the Palace of Hampton Court

The Palace of Hampton Court is so splendid that two of its 16th-century residents have seemingly refused to leave, for it is said that their ghosts walk its halls to this day.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family react to Prince Philip's death

The Royals have released several statements about Prince Philip's death.

Still from the British Pathe video \"8 Monarchies That No Longer Exist\".

Can you name these eight monarchies that no longer exist?

The concept of Monarchy has struggled to survive around the world, but not in the mighty United Kingdom.

The ultra British Cheddar cheese.

A staple pub fare, tearooms, and kitchens everywhere - English Cheddar cheese

The world's best-loved cheese comes from a Somerset village.

Harry Selfridge

A man with a catchphrase - Mr. Selfridge's most famous places

Let's take a trip to some of the places made famous by Harry Selfridge.

Prince Philip

Prince Phillip passes away, Royal Family mourns

The sad news has emerged that Prince Philip passed away on Friday morning at Windsor Castle.

Columbia Road Market.

A locals favorites! London's historic iconic markets

London city's markets date back to Roman times and today's markets filled with energy surrounded by wonderful architecture and bountiful with treasures will not disappoint.

Hand made Banbury Cakes, Eccles Cakes, Granola Slices and Chocolate Brownies for sale on a stall at a UK Farmer’s Market.

The best of British baking

We've all seen the Great British Bake Off, but how much do you know about these British delights?

This aerial view of the Lizard looks south past Coverack toward Black Head and Lizard Point.

Lizard Walk - strolls along Cornwall’s Southwest Coast Path

There are many places in Cornwall and Devon where walkers can enjoy the scenery and heritage of the Southwest Coast Path without expending too much energy, the Lizard Peninsula is such an area.

Chatsworth House and Gardens, in Derbyshire.

Chatsworth House and Garden, the palace of the Peaks

Located on the eastern edge of the Peak District National Park of Derbyshire, Chatsworth is repeatedly named as Britain's favourite stately home.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

How Kate Middleton Became Britain’s Queen of Style

Kate Middleton has always drawn admirers due to her stylish fashion sense. How did she become Britain's Queen of style?

A portrait of Lady Jane Grey.

Birthplace of Jane Grey, England's Nine-Day Queen discovered

Following in the footsteps of this tragic young Queen.

William Wilberforce, Abolitionist and Social Reformer

Undersung British historic heroes and where to explore their lives

Dana Huntley looks at the lives of Britain's most famous undersung heroes who made a big difference to the world.

Steps down to St David\'s Cathedral, St David\'s, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Pretty Pembrokeshire - the Welsh village with something for everyone

Sunshine or showers, there’s always lots to see and do in Pembrokeshire, on the Welsh coast.

A still of Queen Elizabeth in \'The Queen Unseen\'

New documentary 'The Queen Unseen' shows the world the Royal Family like never before

Footage used is primarily from the 1950s and serves to show the Queen as a mother, wife, and head of the household. 

Schoolgirls dance around the maypole at the spring fête in Dilwyn, Herefordshire.

Examining the quintessential British fête

From sales of work in post-World War II to the modern archetypal feature of rural British village life here's everything you need to know about British fêtes.

Bubble and squeak lamb brunch recipe.

Traditional British favourite - Bubble and squeak lamb brunch recipe

One of the "greatest peasant dishes of the world" this traditional British potato and cabbage dish dates back to the 18th century.


Things to do in Bristol in Spring 2021

Is a trip to Bristol on your calendar? Here are some top tips on what to do in the southeastern city on the River Avon,

Queen Elizabeth II in Belfast.

By Appointment: How to be Queen for a day

A Royal coat of arms and the statement “By Appointment” mark a product favored by the Royal Family and allow anyone to sample the material comforts of the Royals. Ever wonder how you might pretend to be Queen Elizabeth forb a day?

Limerick resident Dominic West will star as Prince Charles in the next season of The Crown.

The Wire's Dominic West to take over as Prince Charles in The Crown

Dominick West, who resides in Limerick, is set to take over the role of Prince Charles in Netflix’s hit series The Crown.

Jesus greets the Samaritan woman at the well in Elgin’s Biblical Garden.

Elgin and its biblical garden

A gem of a visit on the Grampian Line, in Scotland.

From the history of roast lamb, the biblical Passover, to the tradition sit-down family get together feast.

Easter Sunday roast-lamb and mint sauce recipe

The perfect recipe for an Irish family Easter Sunday lunch - a hearty springtime meal with room for something sweet to break Lent.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the UK\'s engineering giant.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel's costly failure the atmospheric railway

From the Clifton Suspension Bridge to the Great Western Railway and then the "Atmospheric Caper". Here's what really happened when Isambard Kingdom Brunel tried out the Atmospheric Railway.

William Wilberforce

Abolitionist William Wilberforce and the British slave trade

The slave trade was abolished across the British Empire in 1833. This piece explores the lead up to this historic event


6 of the best British Easter traditions

Here's six of the best British Easter traditions.

Ely Cathedral: Close to where Celia\'s horse\'s feet could scarcely stand\' as she crossed the Sands of Dee.

The journeys of Celia Fiennes through 17th-century England

Three hundred years ago, a remarkable woman travelled alone through every county in England. Today, her journal provides us with a glimpse of 17th-century England.

Princess Anne

The story of the man who saved Princess Anne from being kidnapped

Did you know Princess Anne was nearly kidnapped?

Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon aka The Queen Mother.

Remembering the Queen Mother on her anniversary

On this day, March 30, 2002, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, passed away aged 101, today we remember her and how her daughter recently honored her mother.

Hot cross buns: The treat that ensures friendship marked with a sacred holy cross, they’re also delicious!

Special Easter hot crossed buns recipe

These spiced and fruity sweet treats, traditionally eaten during Lent, are said to have mythical properties

Tower Bridge, in London.

London - a cherished literary capital of the world

Writers have loved London for as long as London has existed. Here's a look into it's fascinating history.


Where are the best places to live in Britain?

The votes are in -here are the best places to live in Britain.

The Cherhill White Horse, above the flowering rape field, is a familiar sight along the A4 between Marlborough and Chippenham.

All the white horses - the history of Britain's chalk hillsides

From honoring King George to artistic expression here's everything you need to know about Britain's incredible white chalk horses and walkers or warriors.

23rd June 1948: Lord Louis Mountbatten , the last Governor General from Britain waving a cheery farewell to the crowds in Delhi

Was Lord Mountbatten In an open marriage?

A new biography about Lord Mountbatten details how "devastated" he was with his wife Edwina's affairs.

Zara and Mike Tindall

Zara and Mike Tindall have welcomed a third child

Zara and Mike Tindall have welcomed a third child into the world.

Author, actor and national British treasure, Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry describes the wonder of reading for Duchess of Cornwall's Insta club

Have a look at this clip as Stephen Fry describes the wonder of reading.

Jack Brooksbank, baby August, and Princess Eugenie.

Everything you need to know about Princess Eugenie for her Birthday!

Wishing a very Happy 30th Birthday to Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena of York!

Queen Elizabeth

Royal Family reportedly appointing a diversity chief

The Royal Family may be employing a diversity chief.

Visit living British history at open-air museums

Immerse yourself in more than 2,000 years of British history at some of the finest open-air museums in the world.

King Richard III.

Unraveling the mystery of Richard III

King Richard III lived a fascinating life and was embroiled in controversy and mystery. The greatest mystery of all being, was he really a villain?

Nazi Girls At Peace In Britain, There are no thoughts of crises at the Victoria Augusta College, at Bexhill, a finishing school where daughters of Germany \'s most aristocratic and diplomatic families complete their education. At tis tall Tudor mansion the young ladies are studying languages and other subjecs and are taughter cooker. The school is conducted by two German women, Frau Rochall and the Baroness von Korff and among the pupils are Countes Haldenberg, niece to German Ambassador Herr von Dirkeen, and Isa von Bergen, daughterof Herr Hitler \'s representative at the Vatican. - Baroness von Korff (centre) conducting a cookery lesson for some of the girls Joan Taylor, and English girl (left) with Constance Highton and Marie Luise von Reden (extreme right), Bexhill. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The British school that was home to the children of Nazis

Did you know about this fascinating school?

Castle Howard, in Northern Yorkshire.

From castle to minster - soaking up the history of York

Jim Corbett visits York and discovers more than enough to entertain between Castle Howard and York Minster.

What\'s not to love about British pubs?!

My romance with the Great British Pub

Dana Huntley examines what makes the great British pub just so special.

Queen Victoria\'s funeral procession.

Pathe footage of Queen Victoria's funeral

The funeral of Queen Victoria broke royal protocol in every way and changed the way we mourn monarchy forever 

Mince and tatties! A sure fire Scottish favorite.

Hearty traditional favourite - mince and tatties recipe

Back in fashion nowadays but with its history dating back hundreds of years, this Scottish homely meal is still a favorite.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

William and Kate wish Ireland a Happy St. Patrick's Day

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, sent a special message to Ireland for March 17.

The Tudor buildings of Tewekesbury, in Gloucestershire.

Exploring Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire - quirky museums and hidden histories

Siân Ellis visits the historic town Tewkesbury, in Gloucestershire and discovers a destination with lots to offer visitors.

Wiliam, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge meets with Irish Guards after attending the St Patrick\'s Day parade at Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow, where they presented shamrock to officers and guardsmen of 1st Battalion the Irish Guards on March 17, 2019 in Hounslow, England. (Photo by Gareth Fuller - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

William and Kate's St. Patrick's Day tradition

William and Kate have made sure to mark St. Patrick's Day in recent years.

Queen Elizabeth II during her 2011 trip to Ireland.

Queen Elizabeth wishes Ireland Happy St. Patrick's Day, in Irish

In a letter to Ireland's President, the Queen of England wrote 'Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh go léir".

This is Outlander country! Welcome to Scotland.

Traveling through Outlander's Scotland

This is  Outlander country! Forbes Inglis delights Outlander fans with a visit through the spots used in the popular drama.

British winery

The joys of English wine

Did you know English wine had so much to offer?

British Heritage Magazine\'s March / April 2021 cover.

Looking to brighter days ahead and touring the British Isles

We take a look at what's inside the March / April issue of British Heritage Travel's print magazine. 

Many Hot Air Balloons drift towards Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol at sunrise. The bridge spans the River Avon gorge.

A day well spent In the historic seaside city of Bristol

This exciting former seaport melds a wealth of arts and history. A day in Bristol is a day well spent.

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Have you signed up for British Heritage Travel's newsletter?

British Heritage Travel's newsletter brings a little slice of Britain into your inbox every day!

An Atlantic Puffin on Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire..

Revel in nature in these ten incredible British spots

Wetlands, woodlands, and waterfowl, Dana Huntley looks at the best nature experiences in the British countryside.

The Welsh Marshes

Exploring the Welsh Marches

The Welsh Marshes always guarantee an adventure

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth's Commonwealth Day message

Queen Elizabeth shared her Commonwealth Day message yesterday.

Harry and Meghan\'s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Harry and Meghan Markle's tell-all Oprah Interview - The world reacts

Harry and Meghan's tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey aired on Sunday night and bombshells were dropped.

A fountain in Cambridge during winter.

Visiting Cambridge - a history lovers heaven

Cambridge - Undoubtedly one of Great Britain's best-kept secrets.

Menai Bridge

BHT's guide to Welsh slang

Looking to brush up on your Welsh slang? Check this out!

St. David\'s Day parade, Cardiff. A riot of Welsh flags is seen on St. John Street, in 2014.

Celebrating St. David's Day! Wales' annual patron saint's day

Today, March 1, is St. David's Day, the Christian feast celebrated annually in Wales. Here's what you should know...

The Crown

The Crown picks up a Golden Globe Award

The Crown has been picking up awards this weekend!

Princess Elizabeth arrives to Balmoral with baby Prince Andrew and family.

Have you seen this footage of the Royal Family at Balmoral?

Remarkable British Pathé footage shows the Royal Family, including Queen Elizabeth and newborn Prince Andrew, arrive at their Scottish castle in 1960.

The voice of Harry Potter audiobooks, Stephen Fry.

This story from Stephen Fry about Harry Potter is brilliant

Silky-voiced Stephen Fry old the most brilliant story about recording the Harry Potter audiobooks.

Eastbourne Pier, in East Sussex.

Top tips to know before you visit Britain

Planning a trip to Britain? Here are some things to think about while you're over there.

Trinity College Cambridge

Still Oxbridge After All These Years

Oxbridge really hasn't changed much!


25 of the best staycation locations in the United Kingdom

Looking for the perfect staycation spot? This list will help!

The Giant\'s Causeway

The United Kingdom's most scenic drives named

Some of these scenic drives will take your breath away.

Take Ten: Great Gardens of Spring

In every season, there are gardens in Britain well worth the adventure. In spring, however, the countryside comes awake from its winter hibernation and blooms into a riot of color against the deep greens of the landscape. Here are some of the most acclaimed gardens to enjoy in the promise of the season.

Cottage pie

Prince William's favorite...How to make British cottage pie

Here's how to make one of Prince William's favorite dishes.

Nothing like a good cuppa of British loose-leaf tea!

British loose leaf tea - expert advice on keeping it fresh

Real tea fanatics will know that there's nothing quite like a correctly brewed cup of loose-leaf tea, but how can you keep it fresh?

The Scottish flag.

An expert's guide to Scottish slang

When it comes to slang in the United Kingdom, it has to be said that the Scots do it best.

Putney Bridge at dusk in Bath.

Bath's sacred spring

Bath's sacred spring at the ancient Roman bath and temple complex in the Somerset city reveals that cleanliness really was next to godliness. 

Samuel Pepys.

Who was Samuel Pepys: London's greatest diariest

On this day, Feb 23, 1633, Samuel Pepys was born in London.

Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901).

Queen Victoria's £1.5m "Mourning Jewellery" up for auction at Sotheby's

Four black brooches among the collection owned by the British monarch who lived in mourning for 40 years.

Prince Philip

Prince Philip has been admitted to hospital

Prince Philip was brought to hospital as a precautionary measure this week.

John and Charles Wesley.

At home with the founders of the Methodist church, the Wesleys, in Epworth

Following in the trail of John and Charles Wesley in their hometown of Epworth, in North Lincolnshire.

Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan confirm talk-show appearance

Harry and Meghan will be conducting an interview with Oprah Winfrey.


A day well-spent in Leeds

Have you ever been to Leeds?

Harry and Meghan

Royal news: Harry and Meghan expecting second baby

Meghan and Harry will be welcoming another child into the world this year!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, with their children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, enjoy a short private skiing break on March 3, 2016 in the French Alps, France. (Photo by John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty Images) (TERMS OF RELEASE - News editorial use only - it being acknowledged that news editorial use includes newspapers, newspaper supplements, editorial websites, books, broadcast news media and magazines, but not (by way of example) calendars or posters.)

It's ski season! Our favorite photos of the Royals on the slopes

The Royals love to ski. Here's our favorite photos of them on the slopes.

A young Queen Elizabeth II.

What did Winston Churchill make of Princess Elizabeth when they met at Balmoral, 1928

When Britain's most famous Prime Minister met further HRM Queen Elizabeth II even as an infant he thought she was something special. 

Chang of the Guard at Windsor Castle, in Sussex.

Everything you need to know about British military bearskin caps

Five regiments of British Foot Guards have the privilege of protecting the Queen. These are the soldiers who get to wear those imposing bearskin hats.

Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles and Camilla receive their first dose of the vaccine

Prince Charles and Camilla have been vaccinated.

Ronald Brittain using his voice.

Ronald Brittain: The Loudest Voice in the Military?

Ronald Brittain was known as 'The Voice'. How much do you know about the intimidating Sergeant Major?

Princess Eugenie

The Royal Family is growing as Princess Eugenie has her first child

The Royal Family has welcomed a new addition!

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrive for the annual evening reception for members of the Diplomatic Corps at Buckingham Palace on December 8, 2016 in London, England.

Take our ultimate Royal Family quiz!

Think you know everything there is to know about the Royal Family? Take this quiz!

Queen Elizabeth

The most expensive jewelry the Royals have worn

The prices of some of these pieces of jewelry will surprise you!

Take an expedition to Lindisfarne and the Farne Islands

Take the Journey with Saint Cuthbert, off the Northumberland coast.

Princess Diana, photographed at the Accord Hospice.

Kristen Stewart transforms into Princess Diana for new biopic, Spencer

Production has begun on the controversial new biopic, Spencer, by Pablo Larrain, which will tell the story of the breakdown of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage.

Queen Elizabeth II dubs Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, in 1969.

God bless the Prince of Wales

A history, swashbuckling exploits and symbolic splendor of the role created in 1284 and carried out today by Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth's eldest son.

The Royal Shakespeare Company: Still Playing The Part

The Royal Shakespeare Company is still going strong today.

Queen Elizabeth

Banned Royal Documentary emerges again

Have you seen this documentary from the 1960s? It briefly resurfaced last week.

Captain Tom Moore and his family.

British hero Captain Tom Moore dies of COVID

100-year-old World War II hero and charity champion has sadly lost his battle with the coronavirus.

The beautiful historic city of York.

United Kingdom place names that are the same as some of the world's most famous destinations

New Zealand, Barcelona, Egypt... they're all in the British Isles.

Captain Tom Moore, the British Army vet who raised £45 million for charity during the pandemic.

Centenarian Captain Tom Moore has been hospitalized with coronavirus

The 100-year-old British Army veteran, who raised $45 million for charity during the pandemic as well as lifting the public's spirits, has tested positive for COVID-19. 

Queen Elizabeth II will meeting with President Joe Biden in June 2021.

Queen Elizabeth will host President Joe Biden at Buckingham Palace

HRH Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles will meet with the new President of the United States Joe Biden in June 2021 at Buckingham Palace, London.


Archaeologists discover incredible Elizabethan-era garden

An incredible Elizabethan garden has been discovered by Wessex Archaeology.

The Royal Family, standing on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, London.

Two Royal babies will be born in 2021, what does it mean for the family?

With two babies on the way this year, some changes are in store for the Royal Family, specifically Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Zara Tindall, and Zara's children.

A portrait of King George V, painted in 1927, by Arthur Stockdale Cope.

Remembering King George V

Today marks the birthday of George V, King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India. How much do you know about his life? 

Victoria and Albert Museum, known to Londoners as the V&A.

Albertopolis - the cultural gem of South Kensington

Home to a plethora of educational institutions, foreign language schools, and museums, the London neighbourhood of South Kensington is a jewel in Prince Albert's crown.

Lord Mounbatten and Lady Mountbatten

Mountbatten's treasure goes up for auction

Sotheby's have announced that these items will be going up for sale.

The beautiful coast of Dorset.

Thomas Hardy’s Wessex Country

Still far from madding crowds, Sandra Lawrence explores the countryside of Dorset.

In the prettiest setting of the four great Border abbeys, Dryburgh Abbey is still a place of pilgrimage—to the final resting place of Sir Walter Scott.

A week-long itinerary to explore Durham, Northumbria and the Borders

England’s far North Country and the Scottish Borders is a land of turbulent history and magnetic landscapes.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry speaks out on the events at Capitol Hill

Prince Harry has spoken about the role misinformation played in the events at the Capitol Building earlier this month.

The Old Course at St Andrews, Scotland.

Britain’s best sports museums

From the beautiful game of football to the oldest sports in the world, these are some of the best sports museums across Britain.

Address to the haggis at home, this Burn\'s Night!

Celebrate Scotland's Burn's Night online this year

This Jan 25th, lovers of Scotland and the bard Robert Burns are being invited to enjoy a very different Burn's Night, using #BurnsNightIn and #VirtualBurnsNight.

Prince Philip

What is Prince Philip's secret to good health?

Prince Philip turns 100 this year. How does he stay so healthy?

Do you know what haggis is? On your next vacation to Scotland you\'ll have to give it a try.

What is the Scottish dish haggis?

One of the most traditional Scottish dishes, traditionally eating on Burns' Night, made with offal and usually washed down with whiskey, this is a must-try for people visiting Scotland.

Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901).

Queen Victoria's coffin and the sentimental items the monarch was buried with

A stern Queen, overcome by grief, who oversaw 63 years as the Monarch of the UK, Britain, and Ireland, who would have thought that Victoria was so sentimental.

Queen Elizabeth with Donald Trump

Four times the Royals have gotten involved with politics

Meghan Markle has been on the receiving end of some harsh criticism due to her involvement in politics but she isn't the first!

The Loch Ness Monster

Has the Loch Ness Monster been spotted again?

Has the Loch Ness Monster emerged yet again?

There are several harbor towns along the North Sea coast from Tayside to Aberdeen supporting small fishing fleets in the North Sea. Arbroath’s claim to fame came way back in 1320.

A day visiting Arbroath, a harbour town and Scotland's cradle of independence

Its fascinating history, with links to the Declaration of Arbroath, makes Arbroath a wonderful town to explore.

Sandringham House and Estate, in Norfolk.

Where do the Royal Family go on vacation in the United Kingdom?

From the Scottish highlands to the Norfolks coast, travel like the Royal family, as we explore where Queen Elizabeth and co spend their holidays.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth's message to Joe Biden

Queen Elizabeth has reached out to Joe Biden ahead of him stepping into the White House.

Aberdeenshire: Scotland's Enchanted Northeast Kingdom

Aberdeenshire has something for everyone.