Thumb 18th century womans dressing routine

An 18th-century woman’s dressing routine

Thumb anthony ashley cooper  7th earl of shaftesbury by john collier

The legacy of Anthony Ashley-Cooper the Victorian social reformer

Thumb round tower  windsor castle  diliff creative commons

Ten of the best Royal residences in Britain

Thumb mi lord and lady macdonald via getty

Lord & Lady Macdonald of Skye - Highland heritage and hospitality

Thumb the royal family 2019 via carfax2 cc

The strangest rules the Royal Family must follow

Thumb thecliffsofpenwith feature

The Cliffs of Penwith - Cairns, quoits and kitsch at the tip of Cornwall

Thumb engraving from 1885 featuring mary queen of scots who was the queen of scotland. she lived from 1542 until 1587.

The gilded cages of Mary Queen of Scots

Thumb mi john logie baird united states library of congress

John Logie Baird, the pioneer of television, changed the world forever

Thumb the landing of william penn jlg ferris via picryl cc

William Penn and the Quaker migration to Pennsylvania

Thumb julius caesar

Julius Caesar in Britain

Thumb elizabeth ii coronation

How the world's largest diamond was cut for the Crown Jewels

Thumb resized lincoln cathedral

Five Cathedral cities in England to visit by train