The Scottish flag.

The Scottish flag.Getty

When it comes to slang in the United Kingdom, it has to be said that the Scots do it best.

The United Kingdom is home to hundreds of different dialects and accents. In a truly multicultural society, there are so many different languages and slang words to be heard across England, Wales, and Scotland.

When it comes to slang, Scotland takes the cake. 

Not only is the country well-known for the accent of its inhabitants, but Scots have also become famous all over the world for their impressive use of slang.

Taking heavy influence from Gaelic and other languages that haven't managed to stand the test of time, Scottish slang will leave you confused, amused, and everything in between!

The Stirling Monument, Scotland

The Stirling Monument, Scotland

Here are some of our favorite words/phrases and their meanings


This one is easy - referring to someone as a 'div' in Scotland is simply letting them know you think they're a bit of a fool!


You've definitely heard this one! In Scotland, a potato is regularly referred to as a 'tattie'. Mince and tatties is a common dish to be found in that part of the world.

Haste ye back

This is a way of saying goodbye in Scotland, essentially meaning 'you'll be back soon'. 

It’s a dreich day

As we know, Scotland is not renowned for it's good weather. To refer to a 'dreich day' is to comment on how miserable a day it is.


Another commonly heard term, to refer to anything as 'bonny' is to comment on its beauty.


Also heard in Ireland, gloaming usually refers to dusk.


In Scotland, when one refers to themselves as 'steaming', they simply mean that they have probably had a little bit too much to drink.

Get tae

Telling someone to 'get tae' is a not-so-polite way of asking them to leave.

Gonny no dae that

This means 'please, don't do that!'

Well there you have it. This is just a fraction of some of our favorite Scottish terms and phrases. 

Should you choose to do your research, you'll see that there is almost a whole language to learn when it comes to understanding Scottish slang!