Podcast: History of Women’s Suffrage In The UK, Part 1 – The Ventilator


Join Mari Takayanagi, Senior Archivist at the Houses of Parliament, and Melanie Unwin, Deputy Curator of the Art Collection of Parliament as they take us behind the scenes of the Voice & Vote exhibition which begins June 27 and runs through Oct 6, 2018 at the Houses of Parliament.

In this segment, we discuss the first section of the Voice and Vote exhibition the hidden space known as “The Ventilator”. Curators Melanie Unwin and Mari Takayanagi describe how the first women who ventured into Parliament had to climb to the attic to hear debate, remaining unseen and barred from participation. They also profile inspiring women of the day who initiated social change, even before they had the right to vote.

Listen to the podcast:

Sketch of Ventilator, House of Commons” by Frances Rickman, 1834 ©Parliamentary Art Collection WOA 26


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