Britain's ugliest dog, who came third in California's World's Ugliest Dog contest in 2017, has died in South Wales. 

Chase, who was a  a Chinese-crested mix, won a trophy in the contest for his cataract in one eye and his "crab-like" walk.

His owner Storm Shayler, from Neath, south Wales, said that he died of pancreatitis.

Image: Wales News Service

Image: Wales News Service

"Even at the end he didn't lose his sparkle," she said. "He was a small dog with the biggest personality and really was one of a kind."

Ms Shayler said that she "never imagined" Chase, whom he bought from a puppy farm, would win a prize in the competition.

Ms Shayler said: "He lapped up all the attention on the day like a little star and loved showing himself off.

"He loved to boss me around and he'd bark or whinge when he wanted his dinner. But he loved cuddles, too."

Ms Shayler added: "No one will every replace Chase; he really was one of a kind."

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