The Great Outdoors! British Heritage Travel\'s Jan / Feb 2021 issue.

The Great Outdoors! British Heritage Travel's Jan / Feb 2021 issue.

The January / February 2021 issue of British Heritage travel is filled with hope and adventure! It's time to get planning your next vacation to Britain.

Welcome to the January / February issue of British Heritage Travel. The team is ready to jump into 2021 with both feet and are hopeful that this new year opens up the possibility of once again welcoming visitors to our glorious isle as we finally see the back of lockdowns and the pandemic.

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We're excited to welcome brighter days and with it a sense of adventure. In this issue, we look at how history shaped our favorite places while looking at the great outdoors and best of British parks. 

We also visit the city of Manchester and Colchester, the stunning Isle of Purbeck, and head north to report on MacDonald Armouries.

Let's take a look at exactly what's inside the Jan / Feb 2021 issues of British Heritage Travel:

The great outdoors - Britain's best parks

Wessex - Dana Huntley looks at the place where Alfred The Great meets Thomas Hardy.

About town - Sandra Lawrence explores London

Manchester Metropolis - Steve Roberts looks at the historic monuments of Manchester the Metropolis. 

Colchester - Susie Kearley visit Colchester

MacDonald Armouries - Forbes Inglis visits Scotland's MacDonald Armouries and learns more about a historic skill. 

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