Prince Charles

Prince CharlesImage: Getty Images

Prince Charles hasn't had much chance to spend quality time with his grandchildren of late

At 71 years old, Prince Charles was very lucky to emerge unscathed after his experience with Covid-19. The Prince of Wales reportedly didn't suffer any extreme consequences, and has thankfully made a full recovery from the illness.

That doesn't, however, mean that he no longer needs to self-isolate. Prince Charles and Camilla have still been in quarantine, and have been unable to spend any time with the rest of the Royal Family.

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In a recent video interview, Prince Charles has shed some light on how he is 'terribly sad' about being unable to see his grandchildren, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Prince Archie.

The interview, conducted by Sky News for their 'After the Pandemic: Our New World' series, which aired last night, allowed Prince Charles to share his thoughts on the pandemic, and offered a glimpse into his current life.

Charles touched on how he has been missing the simple things in life, such as being able to give a loved one a hug, and explained how difficult it has been to be disconnected from family and friends.

When speaking on the prospect of a possible reunion, Prince Charles said 'I do hope so, I'm just trying to do my best to find and help and encourage ways to enable people to go on doing that, but in a way that doesn't wreck everything at the same time around us.'

Charles made sure to give the NHS and care workers the plaudits they deserve for their tireless effort throughout the crisis. He said 'I know that so many people have had the agony of losing their loved ones and the bewilderment and anxiety that surrounds everything. We've seen at the same time people being quite remarkable and wonderful people in the National Health Service and all the other key workers who kept everything going.' 

All in all, its good to see Prince Charles in high spirits despite the ongoing lockdown.

Have a look at the video below, courtesy of Sky News