Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and the Obamas enjoyed a fun (fake) twitter war today. Everyone got to see the surprising comedic sides of both the royal family and the first couple.

It all started off with this word of warning from POTUS and FLOTUS:

Harry, every the Army man, bought himself some time before retaliating:

He even delivered a second tweet to admire the Obamas's jab:

But in the end, the prince brought out his big gun. "Oh, really? Please!" Her Majesty replies. "Boom!" says Harry, dropping the mic. And with that, the royals win. Well played, Harry!

The 2016 Invictus Games, for serving personnel and veterans who are wounded, injured or sick, will start in Orlando, Florida, on May 8.

Update: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just had to get in on the joke too: