Queen Elizabeth and Liz Truss meet at Balmoral Castle

Queen Elizabeth and Liz Truss meet at Balmoral Castle@RoyalFamily Twitter

Newly-elected British Conservative party leader Liz Truss has become the UK Prime Minister after being invited by Queen Elizabeth to form a new government.

Earlier today Liz Truss arrived at Balmoral Castle in Scotland for her audience with the Queen where she was formally appointed prime minister.

A picture showed the pair in the drawing room of Balmoral in front of an ornate fireplace. The meeting is known as the "kissing the hands" ceremony, an ancient custom that now in the modern day is merely a symbolic gesture but at one point in history, the prime minister was actually required to kiss the sovereign’s hand to show their loyalty to the sovereign and the crown.

The smiling 96-year-old monarch, who was wearing a tartan skirt and holding her walking stick, was pictured shaking hands with Ms Truss as she became the 15th prime minister of Her Majesty's reign - the first being Sir Winston Churchill.

Holding the meeting at Balmoral, where the Queen is currently on vacation, rather than at Buckingham Palace was a break with tradition, but it's thought the decision was made with the Queen's health in mind due to her intermittent mobility issues.

This is expected to be the only inside we will have on their meeting as TV cameras are not allowed inside to record.

Ms Truss will now return to Downing Street where she is expected to address the British nation before appointing her Cabinet.

Earlier today Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was forced to quit after losing the support of dozens of his ministers, tendered his resignation to Queen Elizabeth.

He and his wife Carrie spent almost 40 minutes with the Queen before leaving Balmoral a few minutes before midday.

A statement from Buckingham Palace confirmed the British monarch had accepted his resignation.