Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II.Getty

We often think of Queen Elizabeth II as a stern, serious figure, who's known for her stiff upper lip. We don't get to see her fun side as much as we'd like, but according to reports, it's definitely there.

Reported emerged from various different sources that detail how Queen Elizabeth has always had an amazing sense of humor, and even enjoys stirring the pot a little bit!

This will come as a surprise to many who associated the Queen with a more reserved and quiet personality type.

Where did it all begin?

It has been reported that from a young age, Queen Elizabeth has always enjoyed acting, and has spent years honing her skills when it comes to impressions. As well as this, her and her sister Margaret enjoyed a bit of mischief as young Royals.

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret would spend long summers in Balmoral, where they were forced to make their own fun and adventures. Perhaps this is where Queen Elizabeth developed her more playful side.

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret

What about the Queen's impersonations?

Michael Noakes, an artist who was tasked with painting the Queen in the past, shed some light on her sense of humor and her ability to mimic accents. He said ‘She was peering out of the window and keeping up a running commentary of people’s reactions to seeing her standing there — “ ‘Gee Maud (in an American accent) it can’t be’ . . . oh no, he’s decided it can’t be, he’s moved on now’ and that sort of thing, and “Ooh, a car has just been hit by a taxi, I think there’s going to be a fight now”. She is very funny.’

This is in line with several other reports from those close to the Royal family that have observed the Queen's ability to use humor as a means of charming guests and dignitaries.

Margaret Thatcher

What the Queen is best known for when it comes to impersonations, however, is her alleged ability to mimic the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

According to reports, there was a huge amount of tension between the two women, who would regularly butt heads over various different issues relevant to the state of the UK.

While Thatcher of course had respect for the Queen, many Royalists have noted that the same cannot be said for her majesty. A book called 'The Queen and Mrs. Thatcher: An inconvenient Relationship' detailed how the Queen would refer to Thatcher as 'that woman' and had very little time for her.

To top it all off, the Queen apparently developed a Thatcher impression, which would leave members of the Royal Family in stitches laughing. Her version of Thatcher's stern accent had legendary status among those in the know at Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher

Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher

Who else?

All of this begs the question; who else does Queen Elizabeth impersonate?

The Queen has spent her whole life rubbing shoulders with some of the world's most powerful people, and there's no doubt she's had some fascinating conversations with them.

Could we potentially have news of a Donald Trump impersonation somewhere down the line?

No doubt we would all pay to see that.

* Originally published in July 2019.