Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.

Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.Getty

Think you know all the rules of royal life? Think again, here are some royal rules that are no longer enforced the way they once were. 

We know that life as a royal comes with a huge list of "does" and "do nots", but did you know that the protocols have become a little more relaxed?

Here are three royal rules that Queen Elizabeth II no longer enforces.

Royal couples are forbidden from showing affection 

Anybody who's seen Harry and Meghan hold hands, kiss or cuddle know that this is no longer true. While the Queen herself would never indulge in a PDA, sources say that as long as it's not inappropriate, she has no problem with her grandchildren being a little more demonstrative with their partners. William and Kate aren't quite as touchy-feely as Meghan and Harry, but that could come down to personal choice or give an indication that they'll be traditional monarchs. 

Royals don't eat seafood

This is down to practicalities more than a rule, and traditionally members of the royal family avoid seafood while at formal dinners as it carries a higher chance of food poisoning. However, while eating out in private or when dining at home sources say that some members of the family enjoy seafood and indulge whenever they can. Prince Andrew, we're looking at you!

Royals must travel with one black outfit 

Nobody is really sure if this still happens, but it's thought to be a hangover from when King George IV died while Queen Elizabeth was on a royal tour and had no proper clothes in which to travel home in. Sources believe that senior family members probably adhere to the rule, but that those not directly in line to the throne probably don't need to worry. 

Camilla will never become Queen 

Sources differ on this. As Camilla is the second wife of Prince Charles, speculation has long been rife that once he ascends to the throne she'll be entitled to be known and Queen Consort as no rules exist saying otherwise. However, out of respect to his late first wife, Princess Diana, it's unsure what will happen. Charles has indicated he may choose to crown Camilla as queen after he succeeds to the throne. So only time will tell. 

* Originally published in July 2019.