Uniting Wallaces Throughout the World


The Clan Wallace Society-Worldwide offers educational and historic materials for those interested in the history of Scotland, its heroes, clans and achievements. It re-publishes out-of-print articles and books and restores and preserves historic objects and places, particularly those connected to the Family and Clan of Wallace. While the Society cannot do genealogies, it can provide assistance. Its members also participate in Scottish games and gatherings held in the United States.

The Society has two classes of memberships: life members, who make a one-time donation of $50, and council members, who contribute $100. There are currently more than 300 members, including two new honorary members–Braveheart screenplay writer Randall Wallace and director-star Mel Gibson. There are no annual dues.

For more information on the Society’s publications and membership, contact: Thomas Wallace, president, Clan Wallace Society-Worldwide, Box 273, Jonesborough, Tennessee 37659; tel: 423-753-2350.