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This incredible footage will have you wishing for a time long gone

There are few places as picturesque as the British seaside.

The 1960s were a transformative time for British society. Travel was becoming more and more accessible, and the widespread ownership of cars meant that most families had the ability to vacation anywhere in the UK.

With this travel-boom, hundreds of locations in the UK were brought to light as travel destinations.

Naturally, the South-West of England became the most popular destination among holiday-goers. Areas such as Cornwall, Torquay, Brixham, and Paignton would become thronged with people during the summer months, which not only boosted the local economy but also showed people that a lovely vacation could be had without leaving British shores.

This travelogue from the 1960s gives us a stunning view of the British seaside borough of Torbay. This holiday destination has it all from an injection of French culture to celebrities on a getaway from city life. 

In this incredible footage from British Pathe you can see vintage cars and clothes and families reveling in the stunning British seaside town.

Revelers are clearly enjoying everything the town has to offer, and the influence from French culture is clear as dozens of competing waiters race through the town center - all while carrying a platter with a bottle of red wine and glasses on it.

Golf is played, miniature towns created, and horses are commonplace in this idealistic town.

There are even some clips from a parade, where a marching band can be seen playing music as they make their way through the town.

All in all, this video highlights a time in British history that has been romanticized and is often held up as a period in British life that was carefree and positive.

After watching the clip, would you plan a visit to the British seaside?

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