As we know, Britain is a land of tradition, and Easter is a chance for some of the oldest (and quirky!) traditions in the country to be observed.

Here are some of our favorites:

Easter Egg hunts

Kids all over the United Kingdom wake up on Easter Sunday and immediately will be out on the hunt for Easter eggs. The tale goes that the Easter Bunny will leave eggs in several locations around the house - and it's the kid's job to find them. The story of the Easter Bunny originates from German folk stories. The rabbit lays the eggs and delivers them to the children if they have been good over the Easter period 

Morris Dancing

Morris dancing is a form of English folk dancing that typically takes place around Easter time. Morris dancers practice their dancing all year round but typically step out in public around Easter time in the United Kingdom.

Morris dancing

Morris dancing

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are a quintessential part of Easter for many British families. Hot cross buns are traditionally baked to be eaten during the weeks running up to Easter. The bun acquired mythical properties over the centuries and early literature reveals that the hot cross bun was also known as the Good Friday Bun. Looking for a recipe? Click here.

Maypole Dancing

At Easter and midsummer, dancers celebrate spring, new life, and the turning of the seasons by wrapping a wreathed pole in long ribbons, and dancing around it! Maypole dancing is perhaps less common than Morris dancing but can be observed around Easter time all the same.

Easter parades

Children all over the UK will have spent the last few weeks preparing the colorful paper bonnets that they will show off in their village's Easter parade. Local parades are often held on Easter Monday and are full of colorful displays and floats.

Bank holidays

A huge part of what makes Easter special for so many is the fact that they get some time off work! Most offices, banks, and schools will be closed on the Friday and the Monday in between Easter Sunday. Many retail shops will also be closed.