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Plan on visiting Britain in the next few years? Some of these sayings might come in handy

British slang and terminology has long been present in film and television and has entered the vernacular of so many countries around the world.

Anyone planning a trip to the UK would do well to read up on a few of the commonly found phrases and sayings that they'll hear on their journey, so as not to get confused when they hear them!

Should you find yourself flummoxed while in the UK, take a look at this list and take notes!

Here's some commonly found phrases

Knees up

If you find yourself being invited to have a 'Knees up' never fear - A party is on the way! A good 'knees up' is referring to a good night out.


In the UK, if someone 'Bagsies' something, they have essentially staked a claim to have first dibs on it.


Simply put, blimey is an expression of surprise. The word dates back to the 1800s, and the phrase 'God blind me'.

On your bike

Telling someone to get 'on your bike' is essentially telling them to get lost and go away! If someone says this to you, it's probably time to leave.

Not my cup of tea 

This is about as British a saying that you'll ever find. Easy to understand, if someone says something isn't their cup of tea it means that they don't like it.


If someone is gutted, they are extremely disappointed or upset.


The opposite of gutted! If someone is chuffed with something they are very pleased!

Lost the plot

If someone has lost the plot, they've gone a little bit crazy and lost the ability to think and act rationally.

Put a sock in it 

If someone tells you to put a sock in it, they want you to shut up. This phrase has definitely made its way across the pond, so you have probably heard it yourself.

Not playing with a full deck

A saying to suggest someone/something lacks intelligence or common sense.  


Faff comes from the 17th-century word “faffle” which means to flap about in the wind—“We can’t faff around all day.”

Of course, there are hundreds of uniquely British phrases that you will hear in the UK. These are just a few to get you started.

Do you have any favorite British phrases? Let us know in the comments.