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Have you heard of any of these spooky abandoned towns in Britain?

The United Kingdom is littered with abandoned towns and villages that offer an insight into a time long gone.

These towns span over different eras and provide a spooky window into towns that in many cases, were once booming bastions of industry.

Now, these towns sit dormant and serve as a haunting reminder of what can happen should a place be left dormant for long enough.

Let's take a look.

Wharram Percy, East Yorkshire

Wharram Percy is believed to be one of the most well-preserved medieval towns in the UK.

The town was a hub of activity in the 10th to 14th centuries and was occupied by the Percy family, who were a part of Britain's nobility.

Wharram Percy was eventually evacuated in the year 1500 to make room for...sheep pasture!

Wharram Percy

Wharram Percy

Imber, Wiltshire

Imber is a fascinating inclusion on this list. What was once a bustling cottage town, is now completely deserted and only partially open to the general public. 

Following the war, the residents of Imber were unable to return, meaning the town has been solely used for military training in recent years. There is a risk of unexploded bombs going off, so members of the public are only allowed to see certain areas of the village.

Tyneham, Dorset

Tyneham is known as Dorset's 'lost village' and is striking in how little it has changed since people lived there prior to WWII.

Much like Imber, Tyneham was used for military training by the army, and what was supposed to be a temporary evacuation for it's citizens turned into a full-time exit.

Samson, Isles of Skilly

Samson is the largest uninhabited island in the Isles of Skilly. 

Named after Saint Samson, the island was mostly inhabited by fishermen and farmers until it was decided in 1855 that the island was no longer a place for people to live.

Ancient ruins are still visible to visitors of the island.

Cwmorthin, Gwynedd, Wales

Cwmorthin is perhaps the eeriest addition to this list, as the Welsh town once had a strong mining community living in the village.

It is believed that Cwmorthin had inhabitants since the 11th century, but as the slate industry fell apart so did the village.

Since the 1940s, the town has been all but abandoned, leaving several houses and a slate quarry left to sit in silence.