Queen Elizabeth II after her coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey, London. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II after her coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey, London. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)Getty

Have you seen this incredible footage of the Royal decade following Queen Elizabeth's coronation?

Ten years after her coronation, British Pathé put together a clip that acts as both a summary and a highlight reel of Queen Elizabeth's first ten years at the helm.

In the clip, we can see several shots from the Trooping of the Color ceremony in 1963, as Queen Elizabeth can be seen riding onto the parade ground.

As well as this, there are some beautiful shots of the Queen's trip to India in 1961, when she met with President Mr Prasad.

There's even a shot of Queen Elizabeth riding an elephant!

Have a look at the footage below, courtesy of British Pathé:

British Pathé describes this incredible footage thusly:

Title reads "Royal Decade - Ten years after the Coronation we review the truly royal progress of our young Queen".

Several shots of the Trooping the Colour ceremony 1963 - Queen Elizabeth II is seen riding onto parade ground.

Various shots of the Coronation parade - Queen's Coronation Coach on way from Buckingham palace. Queen entering Westminster Abbey and scenes of the coronation ceremony in the Abbey. Archbishop of Canterbury places the Crown on the Queen's head.

Good shot of Balmoral Castle, Scotland. Several shots of the Queen, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and baby Prince Andrew on a blanket on grounds of Balmoral Castle during family holiday.

Perly King and Queen walking towards and past camera. Horses being paraded before the Derby. Queen and Duke of Gloucester watching the race from royal box. Several shots of the race. St. Paddy wins the race with jockey Lester Piggott on. Queen, quite excited, in royal box.

Queen riding in the open car with President of India Mr Prasad during her tour of India in 1961. Several shots of the Republican Day Parade in New Delhi. Queen watching the parade.

Queen receives a ritual greeting from the ladies of the Maharajah of Jaipur's family on her arrival to Jaipur. Several shots of the Queen's visit to Taj Mahal. Queen and Duke walking with officials.

Queen inspects the colourful saris and great traditional jewellery during the Eastern style fashion show at State Guest House in Karachi, Pakistan.

Several shots of the Queen on back of an elephant riding with Maharajah of Benares. Crowd greets the Queen and Maharajah as they move slowly through the streets. Several shots of the temples on the river Ganges, the Holy River. Benares is considered to be a Holy City. Huge crowds greeting the Queen and Duke from the banks as they sail along the Ganges.

Several shots of the Houses of Parliament. Several shots of the Queen and Prince Philip during ceremony of the opening of Parliament. Queen, seated on throne, reads her speech at the chambers of the House of Lords.

Huge local crowd cheering the Queen in Ghana. President Nkrumah greets the Queen on her arrival to capital, Accra, Prince Philip is seen behind the Queen. Various shots of the Ghanaians in traditional clothes dancing and cheering. Queen is introduced to traditionally dressed Ghanian dignitaries - could be the Tribes Chiefs. Several shots of the Surf Boat Regatta held in the Queen's honour. Thousand men took part in the event.

Several shots of the Queen visiting the Makola Market. People selling colourful fruit and vegetables, crowd cheering, Queen and officials moving along the market stools.

Various shots of the men working in diamond mine in Sierra Leone. Queen looking at some of the diamonds resting on palm of one of the mine officials. Several shots of the traditional dances performed by Susu girls during a display held for the Queen at Port Loko. Queen and Duke watching the girls in colourful skirts and naked from the waist up as they dance.

Various shots of the Queen meeting the stars during one of the Royal Film Performances in London. Queen is seen talking to Peter Sellers, Cliff Richard is seen in foyer.

Royal yacht Britannia arriving to Fiji. Native man beating a drum, announcing the Queen's arrival. Various shots of the colourful Sevusevu ceremony and the Queen watching it. Queen is seen drinking traditional Kava watched by field full of native people.

Various shots of the Maori Choir in traditional clothes singing a welcome to the Queen on her arrival to New Zealand. Queen seems to enjoy it. Various shots of the crowds and yachts during Royal Regatta in Auckland. Queen and Duke shake hands with a young man, probably the winner of one of the races. Several scenic scenes of the New Zealand mountains and rivers.

Night shots - Queen, Duke and Sir Robert Menzies arriving to Australian Parliament in Canberra for opening of a Parliament session. Several shots of the ceremony. Queen reads her speech in microphone (natural sound). She wishes prosperity, happiness and peace to Australia.

Queen and Duke riding in the open car through cheering crowds on their arrival to Moomba Festival in Melbourne. Various shots of colourful procession of floats and the Queen and Duke watching it from dais.

Several shots of the Queen on horseback during the Trooping the Colour ceremony at Horseguards' Parade in London. Several shots of the Queen on gate of Buckingham Palace taking a salute as the Brigade of Guards march past.

* Originally published in Dec 2019, updated in 2023.