Theresa May

Theresa MayImage:Getty Images

Theresa May's reign has undoubtedly been an unsuccessful one. Tasked with steering the United Kingdom through the mess that is Brexit, May struggled to show leadership, and has announced her plan to step down.

June marks the end of May.

Speaking to the media outside of 10 Downing Street this morning, Theresa May informed reporters that she would be resigning from her position, effective June 7th. The Prime Minister proclaimed her love for Great Britain before exiting the stand in tears. 

The Prime Minister stated that she had informed Queen Elizabeth of her plans before anyone else, and that her failure to see Brexit through will remain as one of her biggest regrets. 

It is unclear who will take leadership of the Tory Party going forward, with Michael Gove and Boris Johnson tipped to get the position of PM.

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May's Legacy 

Theresa May will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the worst Prime Ministers to ever lead Britain. While of course she must be granted some sympathy for inheriting Brexit, it has to be said that the ramifications of her poor leadership and borderline incompetence will be felt throughout Great Britain for years to come. 

Lets hope the next Prime Minister can get Britain back where it belongs.