The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness MonsterGetty images

A mysterious shape has been detected below the surface of the water which many believe could be the Loch Ness Monster

We've all heard the stories and legends when it comes to the loch Ness Monster. 

In years gone by, the hunt for a sighting of the monster was far greater than it is now, and there was a widespread belief that the Scottish lake was home to some sort of mythical beast.

In recent years, rumors have quietened down about the monster. Locals have claimed it is merely a myth and all alleged photos of the monster have been doctored.

Now, images have emerged that may have actually identified the monster, over 180 meters below the surface of the water. 

Retired skipper Rod Michie, 77, believes that he Rod Michie (a passenger on his boat), may have picked up the monster with sonar imagery. This comes just a month after there was another alleged sighting of the Loch Ness Monster.

MacKenzie, who is skipper on the Spirit of Loch Ness tourist boat, came forward to shed some light on his findings while onboard the boat, as well as Michie, who seems to genuinely believe that he has caught a look at the Loch Ness Monster.

He said “I used to see surprising things visually or by sonar, but every time there was a logical explanation. But this contact was different. It really is unexplained. I passed over this point many times later but never saw anything again. I also know Ronald Mackenzie well and he is a genuine guy. There is something unexplained down there. My guess is that it is a big eel – 20-30ft (6-10m) long. The equipment is improving all the time and that is most likely to solve the mystery of Nessie.''

Over the years, hundreds of people have claimed to have spotted the Loch Ness Monster, but most images have been exposed as hoaxes. Loch Ness Monster expert Steve Feltman, however, seems to think that MacKenzie and Michie might be on to something with their findings. He said their images are the 'most compelling' of their kind and could be pointed to as evidence that the monster does indeed exist.

What do you think? Could there be something in this story?

Take a look at this clip below, where Steve Feltman discusses the potential sighting of the beast.