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Olivia Colman and Emma Corrin have shared a great chat over the latest season of The Crown

The Crown has captured the imagination of audiences around the world and has proven to be a smash-hit among followers of the Royal Family and Netlfix fans alike.

The first 3 seasons of the show were considered must-see TV, and season 4 is set to be the best yet.

Set between 1979 and 1990, season 4 will take us to incredible places including South Georgia, where the invasion of the Falkland Islands sets Britain on a war footing, and across the world to Australia, where the Prince and Princess of Wales embark on a politically sensitive tour after republican Prime Minister Bob Hawke has been elected. The show will be revisiting Balmoral Castle, where both Thatcher and Diana will be subjected to the infamous ‘Balmoral Tests’, and the beaches of Mustique, where Princess Margaret retreats during a difficult period in her life.

At the end of the 1970s, the Royal Family is preoccupied with safeguarding the line of succession by finding an appropriate bride for Prince Charles who is still unmarried at 30. When Lord Mountbatten is assassinated by the IRA the family is rocked to its core and Charles loses his mentor. In the wake of that grief, a young Lady Diana Spencer enters the frame and the die is cast. Their wedding in 1981 is an occasion that unites the entire country in celebrating this seeming fairy-tale romance. 

As the season progresses and relations between Charles and Diana become strained, so too do relations between the Queen and her Prime Minister, Britain’s first female Prime Minister – Margaret Thatcher. Though on paper the two women seem to be cut from the same cloth, they often disagree about the appropriate governance of the country and the Queen’s constitutional obligation to remain silent is put to the test.  By the end of the season, the Prime Minister is ousted by her own cabinet after eleven and a half turbulent years in power, and the Queen finds herself head of an increasingly disunited family.

In this clip released by Netflix, Academy Award winner Olivia Colman and newcomer Emma Corrin fly through some quick-fire questions and discuss the upcoming season of The Crown.

Have a look at the clip below, courtesy of Netflix UK.