President Obama and Queen Elizabeth.

President Obama and Queen Elizabeth.Getty images

A hilarious story is circulating regarding Prince Philip and Barack Obama's first meeting

As we know, the late Duke of Edinburgh died earlier this year at the age of 99.

During his time, Prince Philip became known for his sharp sense of humor and his tendency to crack a joke no matter the situation!

The Duke of Edinburgh was partial to a social event and loved to mingle with guests and crack jokes. There are countless stories about the Duke's sense of humor - and some hilarious gaffes along the way!

Prince Philip

Prince Philip

Now, reports have emerged that detail the 2009 meeting between the then-president Barack Obama that detail how Prince Philip was in an interesting mood that day.

It was believed that Obama and his wife were nervous about their first meeting with the Royals. They visited in April 2009 and were greeted by the Queen and her husband in Buckingham Palace.

Obama was the 12th US President the Queen had met.

A report detailing their meeting described how Prince Philip engaged in some witty banter with President Obama. "As the first couple exchanged small talk with the Queen about their grueling schedule, the Prince swung into action, declaring: 'You're just trying to stay awake!' Then as President Obama listed his meetings with Gordon Brown, the Russian President and David Cameron, Prince Philip cut in again, asking: 'Can you tell the difference between them?"

The report did add that the Obamas took Philip's comments in their side and saw the funny side of what he said.

Obama has often spoken about how highly he regards the Queen and her husband. After another visit to the UK, he said "I confess I've also come back to wish Her Majesty the Queen a happy 90th birthday."

While Mr. Obama's official visits to the UK are no more, one wonders whether or not he will still take the time to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace the next time he is in the United Kingdom.