Olivia Coleman as Queen Elizabeth II, in The Crown

Olivia Coleman as Queen Elizabeth II, in The CrownGetty: Images

Some images have been shared of Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher from the upcoming season of The Crown.

The first images of Emma Corrin as Princess Diana in the upcoming season of The Crown have been made public. As well as this, we have been given a sneak preview of what's to come with Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher also!

The Netflix drama's latest season is set for release on the 15th of November and will no doubt have viewers gripped.

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This series will be based in the late 1970s and picks up at a time when Queen Elizabeth (played by Olivia Colman) and the rest of the family have their hands full with protecting the line of succession and finding a bride for Prince Charles (played by Josh O'Connor).

As well as this, tensions are on the rise between Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth as Thatcher continues to introduce divisive policies that reach a boiling point when Thatcher decides to wage war over the Falkland Islands. This came at a time when Britain was more divided than ever and proved to be a crucial period in the country's history.

As we know, Princess Diana and Princes Charles's romance proved to be the tonic that the country was after, and provided a feel-good story when it was needed most. Their 'fairytale' wedding was one of the biggest media events in British history and truly catapulted the Royal family into the world of celebrity.

As we know, however, things were not as they seemed behind closed doors, as the Royal Family grew more and more divided and inner turmoil almost split the family up.

Have a look at the photo preview, courtesy of the @Netflix Twitter account.