Zara and Mike Tindall

Zara and Mike TindallGetty: Images

Zara Tindall, Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter, has given birth to a baby boy

Another Royal baby has arrived as Mike Tindall and Zara have welcomed their third child into the world.

The new baby is Queen Elizabeth's 10th great-grandchild, and the Royal Family continues to grow.

Tindall, the former Olympian, gave birth at her home this Sunday. 

Former international rugby player Mike confirmed the news this week while appearing on his podcast The Good, The Bad and the Rugby.

Tindall said "Sunday got even better because a little baby boy arrived at my house! Yeah brilliant, six o'clock last night. We haven't got a name yet, we're still working on it, we always struggle with that, we've never picked one before they arrived."

Tindall described how a close friend helped Zara with the childbirth, saying "Fortunately Zara's friend Dolly is, she's actually more important than I am at making sure she's been at all three of my children's births, she was there and recognized that we wouldn't have got to the hospital in time, so it was run into the gym, get a mat, get into the bathroom, towels down, brace brace brace! Fortunately the midwife that was going to meet us at the hospital wasn't that far away so she drove up, got there just as we'd assumed the position, and then the second midwife arrived just after the head had arrived!"

While Mike stated they were yet to agree on a name, a Royal correspondent has since confirmed that the boy's name will be Lucas.

Mia Grace and Lena Elizabeth, the Tindall's two other children weren't at the house on Sunday for the new arrival but have seen him since and are "over the moon," Mike Tindall said.

Tindall described how well Zara dealt with the birth, saying "She was a warrior, as always, they always are. We can never judge a woman in terms of what they have to go through at childbirth."