Queen Elizabeth II, giving the 2020 Christmas Day speech.

Queen Elizabeth II, giving the 2020 Christmas Day speech.

The very sad reason that Queen Elizabeth II keeps her Christmas decorations up until February.

The month of January can be a somewhat glum affair, as Christmas trees are disposed of and decorations are resigned to the attic for another year.

For Queen Elizabeth II, however, the festive season tends to last just a little bit longer.

Her Majesty reportedly asks for Christmas decorations to be kept up until February in her Sandringham Estate, where she ordinarily spends the festive season.

However, this Christmas the Queen and her husband Prince Philip spend the season at Windsor Castle, outside London.

Why does Queen Elizabeth keep her decorations up?

Queen Elizabeth chooses for her decorations to be taken down on the 6th of February.

This date holds a special significance to Her Majesty as it is the anniversary of her father's death in 1952. 

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth reportedly stays on the estate until this date so that she can mark the anniversary of her father's death in private.

Queen Elizabeth's special bond with her father is well documented. The two shared a particularly close relationship, and his death affected the Queen deeply.

In a letter to her secretary from 1952, the Queen had this to say 'It all seems so unbelievable still that my father is no longer here and it is only after some time has passed one begins to realize how much he is missed.' 

This year, Queen Elizabeth spent Christmas with most of the Royal Family, while Harry and Meghan spent the holidays in Canada.