Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II.Getty

What do Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Harry always travel with? It may surprise you.

And no, it's not a full mourning suit!

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most well-traveled heads of state in the world, having traveled constantly since she became queen in 1952. But did you know that she always travels with a bag of her own blood? And so too do Prince Charles and Prince William?

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Speaking to Yahoo's The Royal Box, royal expert Duncan Larcombe said: "If it’s the Queen on tour, the royal physician is with them with a bag full of their own blood."

"Just in case something happens."

While it may seem odd, when you think about the importance of the Queen's health and how blood supplies might sometimes be questionable, it just makes sense to bring her own in case of an emergency blood transfusion. With the same applying to Prince William and Prince Charles.
* Originally published in Aug 2019.