Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles and CamillaGetty images

There are few families that send as many Christmas cards as the British Royal Family

As we know, when it comes to the Royal Family, tradition is paramount. Within the family exists a set of rules and norms that are regularly carried out. This is never more noticeable than at Christmas time.

Queen Elizabeth is believed to send over 750 Christmas cards to people all over the world every year. There are even reports that she starts to write her Christmas cards in July every year!

Prince Charles and Camilla have also taken to the tradition of mailing out Christmas cards every year. Today, Clarence House has revealed the image of their 2021 card, a candid photo of the couple taken by Samir Hussein at Royal Ascot this summer (above). The picture appears to pay tribute to this unusual year, as both Charles and Camilla are masked.

Charles and Camilla have taken a strong chance when it comes to the pandemic. They have encouraged everyone to maintain social distancing measures and have stressed the importance of getting vaccinated.

Prince William and Kate Middleton also made sure to get in on the action.

The Cambridge's also released a Christmas card showing the whole family while they were on holiday in Jordan earlier in the year.

It seems the Royals are really getting into the Christmas spirit indeed.