Sorry, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! You may currently be the youngest and best-looking world leader, sure, but that does mean anything to Prince George. The little guy flat-out rejected the prime minister's attempts to win him over. First, George refused to give Trudeau a high-five, then he similarly denied him a low-five. In a futile attempt to save face, Trudeau tried to settle for a simple handshake. George wouldn't even touch the man's hand! Kate and William's eldest child was poised and self-possessed in his refusal. He shook his head no and walked away--as is his royal right!

It's the kind of adorable snub magazines and newspapers just cannot resist turning into headlines. Here are just a few:

From The GuardianNo five: Prince George refuses greeting from Canada's Justin Trudeau
From Time Magazine: Prince George Did Not Want a High Five From Justin Trudeau
And my personal favorite, from the website Jezebel: Prince George to Justin Trudeau: Please Keep Your Filthy Peasant Hands Away From Me

See the action below: