Topic: British History

Thumb palace bombing  3

The day Buckingham Palace was bombed during WWII

Thumb slave trade africa wellcome wiki

A timeline of the abolition of the British slave trade

Thumb alices real wonderland feature   angelo hornak corbis

The real story and places behind Alice in Wonderland

Thumb francis walsingham  1532 1590  on engraving from 1829. principal secretary to queen elizabeth i of england. engraved by j.cochran and published in   portraits of illustrious personages of great britain   uk 1829.

What you need to know about Francis Walsingham, Elizabethan spymaster

Thumb prince albert by john jabez edwin mayall national portait gallery

Five facts about Prince Albert

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The reign of Charles II and the Restoration

Thumb 1607  a nation takes root via jamestown settlement museum

What was life like in Britain in 1607?

Thumb julius caesar

Julius Caesar in Britain

Thumb st botolph s church

The history of St. Botolph's & John Cotton

Thumb gettyimages 118506937  1

William Penn and the Quaker migration to Pennsylvania

Thumb amy johnson  our generation  1938  public domain

Amy Johnson: The incredible life of a pioneer aviator

Thumb princess margaret wedding

The story behind Princess Margaret's wedding tiara

Thumb st pauls cathedral london mark fosh flickr

Wren’s churches - England's greatest architect at work

Thumb rosslyn chapel iain cameron flickr

Scotland's mysterious Rosslyn Chapel

Thumb mi  samuel pepys  national portrait gallery

The amazing London of Samuel Pepys

Thumb history of the pilgrims and puritans  their ancestry and descendants  basis of americanization new york public library

The Puritan migration - Albion's seed sets sail

Thumb sitesofromanbritain img1

Sites of Roman Britain - villas, towns and forts

Thumb engraving from 1885 featuring mary queen of scots who was the queen of scotland. she lived from 1542 until 1587.

The gilded cages of Mary Queen of Scots

Thumb queen elizabeth coronation

Queen Elizabeth reveals where her father hid The Crown Jewels during WWII

Thumb gettyimages 599223534

The Great Fire of London over 350 years later

Thumb living history at open air museums beamish county durham

Visit living British history at open-air museums

Thumb worcestor cathedral

The best cathedrals in England

Thumb uk usa

Our special relationship - the UK and the USA

Thumb winchester castle in winter

Queen Emma of Normandy found buried In Winchester Castle

Thumb elizabeth woodville

Did Henry VIII's grandmother Elizabeth Woodville die of plague

Thumb margaret thatcher near helicopter  williams  u.s. military

Everything you need to know about Margaret Thatcher

Thumb king edward ii  1

King Edward II and Piers Gaveston, the real story of the King and his husband

Thumb battle of hastings joseph martin kronheim public domain

The effect the Battle of Hastings had on British history

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The reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Thumb allthewhitehorses feature anna stowe landscapes uk alamy

All the white horses - the history of Britain's chalk hillsides

Thumb an artist s conception of conditions inside the  black hole   based on holwell s account. the granger collection  new york

Just how "black" was the Indian prison, Black Hole of Calcutta?

Thumb the plague of florence in 1348  as described in boccaccio s wellcome images

The COVID-19 pandemic isn't the first the British Royal family have weathered

Thumb portrait of lady jane grey bht sept oct 2019

Birthplace of Jane Grey, England's Nine-Day Queen discovered

Thumb queen elizabeth ii nov 1960 house lords pathe youtube grab

Is this Queen Elizabeth's finest speech?

Thumb lord nelson

The personal life of Admiral Horatio Nelson

Thumb cambridge 4th oct

Visiting Cambridge - a history lovers heaven

Thumb st james s palace changing of the guards

The history of St. James's - the mall and park

Thumb mi  entry hall of derbyshire alabaster at holkham hall

Viscount Coke: Opening the doors at Holkham Hall

Thumb joyofmuseumscom roman baths bath

Bath's sacred spring

Thumb owain glyndw r hogyncymru    rhy n williams

Owain Glyndwr's legendary fight for Wales

Thumb robert falcon scott below deck

Everything you need to know about Robert Falcon Scott on his birthday

Thumb the battle of hastings

Weapons the Normans used in The Battle of Hastings

Thumb british cotton mill

A history of the British cotton industry

Thumb kensington palace

Ten of the best Royal residences in Britain

Thumb allan ramsay   king george iii   art gallery of south australia

Remembering King George III's on his birthday

Thumb charles

God bless the Prince of Wales

Thumb elizabeth ii  coronation  1953 national media museum

For the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation some interesting lesser-known facts

Thumb edward elgar 1931 herbert lambert national portrait gallery

Celebrating Britain's most famous composer Edward Elgar at his Birthplace Museum

Thumb screen shot 2019 01 18 at 12.28.27

Philip Sidney, 2nd Viscount De L’Isle, on the challenges of running Penshurst Place estate

Thumb mi john logie baird united states library of congress

John Logie Baird - the forgotten pioneer of television

Thumb mi venerable bede getty

The Venerable Bede - England's first great historian

Thumb sir edmund halley commet richard phillips   national portrait gallery

Sir Edmund Halley, a British scientific giant

Thumb king alfred britainonview daniel bosworth

A British hero Alfred the Great King of Wessex

Thumb ironbridge hropshire  england. it lies in the civil parish of the gorge  in the borough of telford and wrekin getty

Industrial heritage sites - the engine houses of the modern world

Thumb battle of shrewsbury national library of wales

A bloody field by Shrewsbury and an end to Sir Henry Percy's life

Thumb king harold

The military art of the Normans

Thumb roman mosaic adam woolfitt   corbis

The "Old Masters" mosaics of Roman Britain

Thumb mike searle   sturminster newton mill  2    cc by sa 2.0

1,000-year-old British mill back in action amid COVID-19 pandemic

Thumb stone henge

Missing piece of Stonehenge returned after 60 years

Thumb winston churchill

The Westerham Triumvirate - Sir Winston Churchill, General James Wolfe and William Pitt the Younger

Thumb eleanor of aquitaine

A history of Eleanor of Aquitaine

Thumb bonnie prince charlie in exeter house room  derby museum and art gallery flicker

In the footsteps of Bonnie Prince Charlie

Thumb stonehenge  wiltshire flickr udit kapoor

What is it that makes Stonehenge's stone circles so magical

Haltwhistle img21

Haltwhistle is still literally the center of Britain

Thumb weaving a life at quarry bank mill

Weaving life at Quarry Bank Mill

Thumb thomas becket at canterbury cathedral holly hayes wikicommons

The incredible life of Sir Thomas Becket and his gruesome murder

Thumb battlefield

Historic battlefields across Britain

Thumb gettyimages 480024353

Have you seen this footage of The Crown Jewels?

Thumb horatio nelson uk gov

Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar

Thumb wells cathedral west front exterior  uk   diliff

England’s most medieval city has a small town feel

Thumb mi country manors bht

Country manors in Britain that are well worth a visit

Lindum colonia  ecclesiastical powerhouse and norman fortress

Lindum Colonia - ecclesiastical powerhouse and Norman fortress

Thumb british heritage travel march april 2020

Step into spring with British Heritage Travel’s latest edition

Thumb gettyimages 102165893

POLL: Winston Churchill - Hero or Villain?

Thumb new lanark bht

The utopian cotton-spinning factory of New Lanark