A promo shot of Prince William for the documentary series \"A Planet For Us All\".

A promo shot of Prince William for the documentary series "A Planet For Us All".ITV

The Duke of Cambridge has been praised following a touching conservation documentary series that aired for the first time this week. 

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, according to royal experts, has taken on the role of the "People's Prince", following the departure of Harry, Duke of Sussex from his role duties. The term "People's Prince" bestowed upon Prince William makes reference to his late mother Princess Diana, who was known as the "People's Princess". 

William (38) has been widely praised following the airing of a TV documentary series on conservation called "A Planet For Us All". The Prince was followed by cameras for two years as he travelled throughout the United Kingdom and to Pakistan and Tanzania undertaking a global mission to mobilise action to save the natural world. 

During the documentary, Prince William took a trip to "Bugingham Palace", a garden built by students of a school in Liverpool.

A royal expert, Camilla Tominey, wrote in the Daily Telegraph that "Surrounded by primary schoolchildren with worms in their hands, the visit to All Saints Catholic Primary School in Liverpool was full of potential pitfalls...

"Yet as the touching exchanges between the future king and these inner-city children revealed during Monday’s TV documentary on the environment, it is William – not Harry, who is taking on the role of the "People's Prince"."

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She added "William has always had this ability to connect with people...

"I remember from some of his earliest engagements how much he reminded me of Diana.

"He's very natural and not at all fake. He's always had it but I think perhaps he was overshadowed by Harry. Now he's no longer on the scene, we are reminded that William has the same qualities in spades." 

Here's a full trailer for the documentary "A Planet For Us All":

You can find out more about the ITV documentary here.

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