Planning a holiday? Think you could follow these Royal rules?

As we know, the Royal Family are no strangers to travel. A huge part of their role as Royals is to travel around the world and meet with world leaders and dignitaries. While this sounds like a dream for many, there are in fact a strict set of rules that the Royals must follow when traveling.

Here are some rules they must follow!

They must be culturally sensitive

No surprises here. When taking in a new culture and country, the Royals must adhere to and respect the traditions in that country. This often means learning about native rituals and dressing correctly. 

The Royals are given extensive lessons on the correct etiquette to adhere to before visiting a country.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

All gifts must be accepted 

Naturally, as the Royals go about their travels they are presented with gifts from the various different cultures they experience. Regardless of the gift, they are expected to accept anything they receive. Oftentimes, the gifts are meant for the children in the family, though on a technicality, King Charles is actually the sole owner of anything they receive.

They travel with their own blood

Yes, you read that correctly. The Royals are known to travel with a bag of their own blood, in case of emergency.

If there happens to be a medical emergency, and blood is in short supply, King Charles and the family will always have some spare blood with them, just in case a transfusion is needed. Strange? We think so!


Public displays of affection are very much discouraged when the Royals are in public. This rule also seemingly applies when they are travelling and carrying out Royal duties while in other countries.

The reason for the rule is somewhat unclear, and in recent years we have seen certain Royals perhaps ease up on this strict rule.

William and Kate

William and Kate

They always bring their own alcohol

Everywhere they go, the Royals are offered alcohol. While this might sound like a dream for some, it is easy to imagine that it can get quite tiresome after a while. 

For this reason, the Royals reportedly always bring their own alcohol stash with them, so that there is no risk of a spiked drink, and they always know what they're consuming.